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Autumn Atrium

Perpetual Temperate Zone Autumns
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The autumn atrium is an enclosed room with minimal plant life (nothing tropical), an overpowered air conditioner, fake autumn leaves, and a giant overhead fan. The room doesn't even call for direct sunlight. A timer switch to the fan picks up and a cold breeze (50-60º F, 10-16º C) vortexes the fake colored leaves around the room.

Enjoy a refreshing 5 minutes with a warm cup of tea in this perpetual autumn.

sartep, Nov 03 2004


benfrost, Nov 03 2004

       Can I have mine with a little direct sunlight? I love bright autumn and winter days.
st3f, Nov 03 2004

       //Can I have mine with a little direct sunlight?//   

       I'm sure you could, or you could add cold grow lights. This was just designed as a cost effective atrium for those who may have offices in cities where direct sunlight isn't always available but still want something refreshing and different.
sartep, Nov 03 2004

       This sounds more like an autumn atrium automata to me rather than a simple autumn atrium.
hippo, Nov 03 2004

       Is it possible to give the trees the nutrients that the chlorplasts would otherwise provide, thus with low lighting and the right chemicals, you would keep the trees with year round colors?
sartep, Nov 04 2004

       What I mean, is it possible to inject or feed some way, the trees those certain sugars?
sartep, Nov 04 2004


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