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BTU Theater room

Charge people to heat your home
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The average person gives off 400 BTU / hr at rest. The average home requires about 10,000 - 20,000 BTU / hr to heat it during winter.

That's between 25-50 people required to heat your home.

The BTU Theater room is a room in your house with a heat exchanger where the public can watch movies for a discount in exchange for giving you their extra body heat.

Extra spicy food is also sold near cost.

(Mwah ha ha ha!)

Zimmy, Feb 03 2009


       If these are "British" thermal units, it should be a "theatre", shirley?
coprocephalous, Feb 03 2009

       hehe hot buns for you!!++
question - do hot babes give off more BTUs?
xandram, Feb 03 2009

       Or turn your basement into a homeless shelter in the winter
BunsenHoneydew, Feb 05 2009

       Decomposing detritus also generates a certain amount of heat - a similar exothermic result might also be achieved by filling the front room/cellar/hall with tons of fresh manure - and for a small fee, the farmer is provided with an alternate storage location for his poos - everyone's a winner!
zen_tom, Feb 05 2009

       [Zen] Actually I'm pretty sure I've heard of compost heaps being used for that purpose. I think a heat exchanger is involved though.
MechE, Feb 06 2009

       Spicy food doesn't make you hot. It makes you sweat because you think you're hot, and sweating cools you down. That's why it's eaten in hot places.
notexactly, Nov 22 2015

       Does this seat make my btu look big?   

       Shirley you'd want to open a gym? the heat per person should be quite a bit better.
bs0u0155, Nov 22 2015

       You will need moisture barriers or dehumidifiers. And a larger parking lot.
popbottle, Nov 23 2015


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