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Recycling of car technology into houses

Modular design encourages re-use
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Cars are built with all kinds of interesting ergonomic and technical advances including central locking, heated seats, built-in ashtrays, cup-holders etc.

However houses tend to still have manual locking of every door and window, and are built from bits of wood and aggregate in a rather primitive 19th century way, and their furnishings are rather passive standalone tables, chairs, etc.

Houses tend to last rather a long time, but cars tend to be discarded after only a few years or decades.

Proposed is that car manufacturers and house builders / fitters combine, so that when the car has finished its service life, its internal fittings can be stripped out and used to furnish and fit out houses.

Now your house can have central locking, electric rear windows, and little compartments in the floor where you can stuff empty crisp packets.

pocmloc, Jun 07 2020


       I knew a guy who lost a bunch of money trying to make his vision of modular car speaker components a reality. Specifically, he tried to make a company around getting car manufacturers to have a standardized speaker interface which his company would build parts for. There were many problems with this idea. I don't know where he is now, but have a [+] for a better way to manage the empty crisp packets on my floor, also because this is a much better idea than "cash for clunkers".
sninctown, Jun 08 2020

       Bring your drink, we'll go up into the cantilevered limousine deck.
wjt, Jun 08 2020

       //built from bits of wood and aggregate in a rather primitive 19th century way,//   

       That is disappointing isn't it? Cars are tremendous value when you break down the features. Lots of things are standard in cars that you would think housing would have implemented years ago. In my car? A filtered, integrated HVAC system that can switch air supply at the touch of a button and can create multiple zones within what is essentially one tiny room. In my house? Recirculation only, no fresh air for you. Multiple zones? Well, the room that gets all the sun is warmer, whether you like it or not. Car: electrically heated seats adjustible in all directions. House: no adjustment, get a cushion and a blanket.
bs0u0155, Jun 08 2020

       Your car AC system could easily handle your house's load, if the condenser had sufficient airflow through it.
RayfordSteele, Jun 12 2020

       //Your car AC system could easily handle your house's load, if the condenser had sufficient airflow through it//   

       So if I put the oven on, I should ensure airflow by maintaining a steady 60mph on the highway?
bs0u0155, Jun 13 2020

       That doesn't seem right to me. High or low airflow it takes energy to cool the air, and the car's AC can only cool so much air per minute regardless of the flow.
Voice, Jun 14 2020

       The alternators are going to be under powered.Although, with better passivity, 12 or 24V systems might be a go. Washing is still going to be a load, without mechanically linked combustion.
wjt, Jun 14 2020


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