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prism cell

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The idea here is to be inside a prismatic cube or pyramid, with the light angled from the outside shining in from all sides. The cube could be glass or plastic with prismatic panels on the walls. You are floating on a air mattress in a pool of water looking up. The cube could slowly rotate around you, or the lights could be moving, making the colors and light come alive. The acoustics inside would also be interesting, maybe Lucy in the sky w diamonds is playing. Relax and enjoy!!!
nov8r, May 15 2005


       If one shined a white light through one side, would there be an infinity of silhouettes of the occupant in every shade of the spectrum out the other side? One could possibly make a whole warren of shadow bunnys with one's hands.
Soterios, May 15 2005

       Isn't this a pun?
Soterios, May 15 2005

SpocksEyebrow, May 15 2005

       His left or right one?
nov8r, May 16 2005


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