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universal washroom
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I don't know if a name change counts as an idea but if it grows up societies thinking then maybe it does.

For balanced hormone and neural activity there should be a small temporary use private room. This room should be bigger enough to fit and move wheel chairs to make it accessible to everyone. Lininings should be soft, washable and a little sound proof.

These rooms, in numerous buildings all around the city allow a person to take a short period of time to wash their personal state, whether mental, emotional or physical.

Of course, if you need help that's all good too.

wjt, Oct 06 2016


       Help, as in what kind? A stack of magazines?
RayfordSteele, Oct 06 2016

       sorry, Here in NZ, a rugby player has been publically destroyed for having sex, with his conscenting girlfriend, in a handicapable toilet.   

       And here I thought NZ wasn't that sex negative.
wjt, Oct 07 2016


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