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Baby Booty Bakeware

Not for infants under the age of 3 months
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Available in all sizes, these foot-shaped muffin tins have an inner core to leave room for a real foot. The booties are perfect for easy snacking, while keeping baby’s feet warm.(until they are eaten all up) While Baby always puts foot in mouth, now it will be nutritious and tasty, too. Recipes are included for several varieties and flavors. Add extra water to increase flexibility and softness.

(Soon these muffin tins will be available in adult sizes. We are experimenting with other body parts- just think of the possibilities!)

xandram, Nov 18 2005


       Ha!, enter the age old problem of thumb sucking through the ageing years.   

       "At the age of twenty three, Percy still chews and sucks on his feet.Percy through the art of double jointing and the skill of a contortionist can wrinkle his toes as if they were bathed in hot water for an hour"
skinflaps, Nov 18 2005

       Can't you just mold the muffin mix around the baby in question, and cook it like a Beef Wellington, or am I missing something here?
DrCurry, Nov 18 2005

       never see DrCurry and DrBob in the same room - hah!
po, Nov 18 2005

       That's because I can't stand the man!
DrCurry, Nov 18 2005

       //We are experimenting with other body parts -// I can promise you that nut muffins will sell well in America.
sleeka, Nov 18 2005

       Aha! I have finally reached the inevitable conclusion that there is only one other person on this site besides myself. I, the hapless Zuzu have fallen into your web of god damn multiple personalities.
Zuzu, Nov 19 2005

       zuzu, you don't believe that!
po, Nov 19 2005

       Yes, I do.
normzone, Nov 19 2005

       but that's 3 of us at least and then jutta...
po, Nov 19 2005

       [I] am Spartacus !
normzone, Nov 19 2005

       Zuzu: that would be UnaBubba. (I myself am a figment of my own imagination.)
po: um, you know I was joking there, right?
DrCurry, Nov 20 2005

       :) Ok, I am only Zuzu.   

       [po] no, it crossed my mind as funny, but I do not believe that.   

       (Note to self: never leave a paranoid comment and take a phone call.)
Zuzu, Nov 20 2005

       Taste yourself?
sleeka, Nov 20 2005


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