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Back to the Trees

Immersion chamber with branch-like navigational appendages
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If we are going to be able to do anything we want to then what are we going to spend our time doing? Well we are probably built mostly for lazily navigating, using all of our appendages, in a more 3d environment than we are used to now -- by swinging from branch to branch. So this is an immersive 360 degree screen with the input "mice" being a series of "branches", "fruits", and "vines", that allow you to put some weight on them and then have them move toward you and recede behind you sending information to the background screen that you have moved forward so that the scenery changes. Alternatively we could just move back to the trees.
JesusHChrist, Oct 07 2013

Humans evolved hand control while still quadrupeds http://natmonitor.c...ds-researchers-say/
[JesusHChrist, Oct 08 2013]


       //we are probably built mostly for lazily navigating, using all of our appendages... by swinging from branch to branch//   

       I am built almost exclusively for walking and driving. I have tried swinging from branch to branch in past, and only completed the first part of the process.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 07 2013

       It is difficult to support one's whole weight with one arm. But I am guessing that most navigation in 3 dimensions in trees since we have been closer to the size we are now has been anchored at at least three other points rather than being an independent swing. Also, appendages probably evolved to look mostly like they are now when we were a lot smaller and lighter, so this kind of interface would try to simulate that environment, by using exaggeration and adaption between the physical and virtual aspects of the system -- by making it seem easier to do things than it really is.   

       But I am not married to the branches thing. The essential idea is size-appropriate mice -- appropriate to the type of motion that probably guided the evolution that brought appendages to their current approximate size and strength relative to the rest of our body. I am just thinking that was probably branches.   

       The last few million years of the evolution of our arms may have been guided by gyroscoping, transferring resources and defense, but many more millions before that I am guessing, were dedicated to more direct forms of navigation, and I bet we would fall right back into the habit, and that the use of our energy in that way would probably be a lot greener.
JesusHChrist, Oct 07 2013

       It shouldn't be too horrible to build a browser application that presents as vines (links) and fruits (home pages).   

       Yahoo used to have an area that presented in a tree structure. It was helpful in certain kinds of searching in that it had a very narrow focus at the end of the branch. Left most of the stuff you didn't want to see out.   

       A whole body "mouse" inside a playground structure , jungle gym, at the park or a virtual world with a regular mouse would be used to access it..
popbottle, Oct 08 2013


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