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back-panel input device

input on back panel of device, indication on front panel (screen)
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Imagine an iphone with input from the back panel.

When you move your fingers on back of phone, you can work with one hand. Receive indication of your finger location similar to the touch screen, but without getting the screen dirty, and without getting your fingers in the view's way.

pashute, Dec 31 2008

See-through touch screen http://www.newscien...h-touchscreen-.html
[mitxela, Jan 02 2009]

Seppo Tiainen: Sixback (2002) http://www.sixback.com/
Fold-out is too complicated for my tastes. Close, though. [jutta, Jan 02 2009]

Motorola Backtrack navigation panel http://developer.mo...BACKTRACK_Touchpad/
Almost my idea but not quite. Still can patent. (I'm rushing to try) [pashute, Jul 22 2010]

this link will never go dead https://www.google....q=motorola+backtrac
[pashute, Jul 01 2013]

nore will this one https://www.google....xback+keyboard+gkos
unless google goes dead, and then you won't need links... [pashute, Jul 01 2013]

New search words give many interesting results for 2003 http://www.polygon....touch-pad-pinterest
Rear Touchpad [pashute, Jul 01 2013]

YotaPhone http://techcrunch.c...next-gen-yotaphone/
The next model will have a full touch screen on the back (as well as an e-ink display) [scad mientist, May 28 2014]

DontTouchPad http://www.pinteres...pashute-inventions/
[pashute, Jun 17 2014]


       Mousing would be ok, but how about the typing?
ricchris, Dec 31 2008

       I know we've discussed this for texting purposes but probably pre-iPod so the touch interface aspect may have been neglected. Anyway, the intent was the same.
phoenix, Dec 31 2008

       My best invention just got 2 bones! I've been saving this for years. 1nce had a vid made 2 prove concept. Costed me a mint. This idea is GREAT for texting. Its not a cthru.much better! you move your fingers in back and have indication in front. Miles better than crappy kb on mobile im using now.
pashute, Jan 07 2009

       When you mouse, you don't look at the mouse, you look at the screen. In this case, the same would be true, but this time with more than one point, you would be using some or all fingers.   

       If in keyboard mode, you would see the finger "location". on the screen, and then you can press. Also a dynamic tactile output would assist.
pashute, Jan 28 2009

       when sending a good hibea to the bones, please give some sort of explanation why you did it.
pashute, Jan 29 2009

       I wouldn't be surprised if Apple patents this excellent idea.
doanviettrung, Jul 17 2009

       I've often thought it would be useful to have a couple of buttons on the edge of a PDA which would have a "shift-key"-style function. The buttons would not have a particular action themselves (since they would often get hit accidentally) but would affect the function of the main touchpad (e.g. allowing the entry of uppercase letters, switching between selecting a range of items versus moving them, etc.) Never heard of such a thing being used, though.
supercat, Jul 17 2009

       [+] but you're already using a thumb and a couple fingers to hold it; most people aren't that dexterous and would jerk when it's time to click (using yet another finger).
FlyingToaster, Jul 17 2009

       Hey! Apple! Samsung! Anybody listening! It's still a good idea 10 years after thinking about it, and 2 after available on HB!
pashute, Mar 11 2010

       // I wouldn't be surprised if Apple patents this excellent idea. //   

       I'm not digging up the link, but I'm almost certain I saw an Apple patent for this recently.
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 19 2010

       Looks like Motorola are doing something similar.
pashute, Jul 22 2010

       13 years and counting
pashute, Jul 01 2013

       The differenece is MULTI. Its used as a keyboard. You see where all your fingers are while NOT pressing it.   

       As I said I made a simulation, we had patented it provisionally and we had a student work on the technology to make it happen (with a working prototype)   

       Everybody who saw the video, were sure that its real, and wanted one. But we were not able to get through to the big guys. And heard some hair raising stories about some of them from personal experience, who told us to veer away from the business.   

       Another friend and neighbor made a laser keyboard which was famous at the time and made the headlines. He lost a lot of money, and closed shop 3 years later.   

       [Edit] I just realized that when I wrote the idea 5 years ago, I purposefully ommitted the multi thing. The motorolla backIt rear touchpad wasnt out yet. I was hoping that if somebody DID take the idea, I could contact them further with the multi part...   

       I mostly gave up on it.   

       My friend's patent was mostly on the multi device, ANYWHERE (not just on the back) so that you look at the screen, but get an indication of the fingers over the keyboard. (in a small "side keyboard" or on the screen itself, similar to the mouse cursor indication   

       So your right.
pashute, Jul 01 2013

       That's why I told about the movie. Its extremely convincing. Its totally intuitive, no learning curve whatsoever. Unless using a touchpad has a learning curve.   

       And if you boned it for being baked, please consider changing that. It was baked after the idea was written here. That wouldn't be very supportive of halfbakers...
pashute, Jul 01 2013

       YotaPhone is going to have a full multi-touch sensor (and e-ink display) on the back. See link. So then it's just a matter of software (and of course adding touch around the sides if you want that too).
scad mientist, May 28 2014

       My knee jerk reaction is that there will be no inputs thru any back panels, thank you! Not that there is anything wrong with people who go in for that kind of thing.   

       But maybe I should take a look at the device. Keeping an open mind, you know.
bungston, May 28 2014

       It would be useful if women were like this too.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 28 2014

       Yes, it would, but it was a stupid thing to try, especially after last time. You'll just have to keep the ice pack on it until the swelling starts to subside.
8th of 7, May 29 2014

       <insert joke about Max being able to 'read women like a book' but being disappointed that they're not all written in braille>
hippo, May 29 2014

       It's not just the total lack of a user manual, or a customer service helpline to call, but even trying to report the simplest fault can mean you carrying your teeth home in a paper bag.   

       Also, the "No Refunds" policy stinks.
8th of 7, May 29 2014

       The Yotaphone looks like those school kids that are asked a simple question and all are eager to give their nearly -there -but -missing -the -main -point answers.   

       The back should be connected to the front panel. No touch in front, no display in back.   

       I gave a link to a possible screen look, similar to today's single "mouse" cursor.   

       Its called: DontTouchPad   

       ...and we are up to 14 years since provisional patent and 6 years since posted on HB.
pashute, Jun 17 2014


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