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Bad Language Computer Settings

To help you get through working with Microsoft programs and PCs. For instance, Chkdsk = "What the fuck's wrong with this piece of shit disk?"
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A computer with inputs of what you're actually thinking. Obviously you wouldn't write the whole thing out. In the above example you'd type in "Chk..." and it would finish writing out the command itself.

Del = "Fuck this file, fuck all these files, fuck this computer and in fact, fuck all Microsoft turds posing as usable products.

Ver = "What god awful monstrosity of an excuse for a computer program that was obviously written by lab monkeys with their brains removed is this Microsoft pile of digital crap?"

Okay, I feel much better now.

doctorremulac3, Nov 03 2022

Keyboard Macro Programs https://www.thewind...e-for-windows-11-10
Some paid reviewer's idea of the best ones. [a1, Nov 03 2022]


       You could probably do this with a keyboard macro program, but by the time you finished creating all the macros you might have exhausted your supply of expletives.
a1, Nov 03 2022


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