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Baby seat harness adaptation

What is wrong with carseats?
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Why would someone leave their baby in a carseat while they went to run an errand? The reason, no doubt, is convenience. Carseats full of bulky baby are heavy, even for one rippling with muscles. Unclipping and reclipping a wiggly baby is an onerous task as well. It is cumbersome, and this is America, dang it! Or here in America it is, anyway.

The soultion is a quick release baby seat. I propose that the baby wear a harness similar to those that race car drivers wear. On placing into the baby seat, there would be one click: harness to seat, and the baby would be safe and comfortable. A repeat click and the baby is loose, to come along on an errand. The baby could wear the harness all day long.

This harness would be even more useful for toddlers and ambulatory kids. On unclicking, a leash could be attached to restrain unruly kids from stepping off the curb, approaching questionable dogs, etc.

The harness would be garishly decorated so as to appeal to kidly senses, making it a must-wear accessory. And this should be no more expensive than current child seats.

bungston, Aug 16 2004

Racing Harness http://www.teamtech...arness/indycar.html
[bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Just make sure the release mechanism is out of reach of the kid.
nick_n_uit, Aug 16 2004

       The harness could also click onto a caregiver-worn harness for one of those papoose-type-a-things. [+]
bpilot, Aug 16 2004

       ...and taking the kids repelling has never been easier.   

       Well said, [2 fries]   

       Have in the last couple days watched a mom wrap her baby in a plastic bag to carry it through the rain to her car. I think she was in a hurry. I lurked just to make sure she remembered to unwrap the kid. That's the problem with ingenuity -- when users take children as subjects into the test arena.
dpsyplc, Aug 16 2004

       Great idea. I'm giving it a [+]. But... If we're catering for the criminally stupid here then what if..., parent hops out of car planning to take 2 mins max to do some task. Ends up taking 1/2hour+. Sometimes it doesn't matter how easy we make a particular task, there will always need to be some sort of back up to protect stupid people from harming themselves or, more importantly, others.
Emi-chan, Aug 16 2004

       How many click points are there? Each one would be the stress point in an impact.   

       Also babies don't race cars or drive. Their body position is very important.   

       How does your idea have impact these concerns?
Around TUIT, Aug 17 2004

       The carseat would still face backwards. In fact it would be the same as existing carseats, which seem pretty comfortable. The floppiness of baby heads is why their carseats face backwards. The difference here is the belt system.
bungston, Aug 17 2004

       [bungston] I retract my previous statement. I guess I missed the part about still using the car seat. For some reason I thought your idea didn't include the seat itself, and only used the harness.   

       *magically transforms fishbone into a flaky bun*
destructionism, Aug 17 2004

       I'm just impressed that we've managed to avoid the zorb/safety connection.   

shapu, Aug 17 2004

       Please give your ideas descriptive titles, don't just make it a private joke or an echo of some other idea. 1. The vast majority of visitors to this site come in via a direct search and have no idea what you're talking about. 2. Moderators spend the vast majority of their time moving existing ideas around. For that to be fast, it's important that ideas have meaningful titles. If it's a baby seat, call it a baby seat.
jutta, Aug 17 2004


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