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Backup Trainer

Never forget to backup your files again
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Everyone knows you should back up your computer files regularly. Hardware failures have struck most of us at one time or another, yet we still fall into complacency.

The Backup Trainer is a computer that is designed to randomly delete its own primary hard drive. It might happen after a day, or it might happen after 3 years. The only thing the user knows is that it will happen. The biggest cause of complacency is that we think it might not happen to us. With the Backup Trainer, we know it will.

Obviously the computer would have to be sold with a backup drive or system of some sort.

Sort of baked (since all PC computers seem to have this capability to some extent) but certainly not baked by design.

threelefts, May 13 2009


       Some consumer goods already seem to have this, to train you to buy an extended warranty. [+]
skegger, May 13 2009


       Not a special shoe for only walking backwards in, then, is it.
normzone, May 13 2009

       I believe my vehicle has this programmed in already. At least, I did believe it when it died mere days after the warranty expired. Then I found out it was due to a mouse chewing the fuel injector wiring.   

       Backup shoes sound like a great idea!
threelefts, May 13 2009

       There could also be the Backup Eyepoker, so you wear your safety glasses.
bungston, May 13 2009


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