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Backup your gmail geni and even facebook online
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Give the site your username and password, and for no pay you can backup once a month up to a certain amount of data. For a tiny fee you can backup monthly. For a bit more, you even get a daily backup of everything. So that when google goes broke or your email user/pw is compromised, you have a backup. OR! Better yet! Backup for free at ANY rate. But if you ever want to retrieve your contact list, or Geni images, pay for them!

To enter the site, besides a onetime user/pw that you give it and that actually works, you supply a series of answers to common questions, or a series of questions you can ask, that you know the answer to. Then to retrieve the backup you must supply that information.

pashute, Aug 31 2009


       There are plenty of web-based backup services already, but those all back up your hard-drive, not your social life. So, this would be a cross between a backup service and a, uh, personal content aggregator or something. (What _do_ you call a thing that logs into your personal mailboxes/sites for you?)   

       I think a lot of the users of such a service wouldn't realize that they are backing up the static appearance of services (like archive.org does), but not the service functionality itself.   

       Sounds like a prescription for lots of custom screen scraping code and some bizdev arrangements.
jutta, Aug 31 2009

       Although the idea sounds redundant, you get a bun from me. Yahoo has lost 10+ years of e-mail from one of my accounts and still can't retrieve it. (The engineers are looking into the problem, I'm told). True, I could have done this myself, but I did not. I think you may have a niche -- my only concern would be privacy, reselling of your data, etc.
cowtamer, Sep 01 2009

       Sorry [21Quest]! Its NOT called Mozy. They do online backup of YOUR DISK! Not of my ONLINE content. So they don't do what I'm proposing at all.   

       [Bigsleep] thanks! It wouldn't be cheaper for the site itself, if the "site itself" closes down, or all of a sudden decides to charge a fee.   

       Scraping yes, [Jutta], but not all that much... for an email service its probably just an extra simple "forward" of each mail item in the folders, once, and then using a listener service (which always exists for these programs)
pashute, Sep 02 2009


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