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stores my facebook activity for easy retrieval
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So that I'm not in the hands of facebook in a few years when they decide to erase some of my stuff, or just ask for money. Also for easy search.

The MyFacebook will have tagging keywords, people, resources and urls stored along with some of their content (image? some text? a summary?) Works in parallel with facebook via a browser plugin, and saves all your activity.

Coming up next: MyGmail - same idea. Nothing gets lost, and your not worried about what happens when they go broke and close down.

pashute, Jul 15 2015

FaceBook: Downloading Your Data https://www.faceboo...lp/131112897028467/
I tried it a few years ago, tbh, a new download is probably overdue. [zen_tom, Jul 15 2015]

Google: Download your data https://support.goo...4190?source=gsearch
Same thing, not tried the google version. [zen_tom, Jul 15 2015]


       Funnily enough (unless something's changed recently) I think both the services you describe offer a download of all your personal stuff to cater for exactly this use-case.   

       I'll have a look and try and post some links.   

       That's different to your suggested implementation though, and an incremental update/curation might be easier to manage on an ongoing basis.
zen_tom, Jul 15 2015

       I can see the value of what is suggested here as a sort of Facebook abstraction layer. This would be a bot which logs into Facebook on your behalf and loads all your content in a virtual browser. It then scrapes all the content out and recodes it as XML or something useful like that. This can then be displayed using the presentation layer of your choice, filtered, ordered and laid out as you choose, and without ads or sponsored content.
hippo, Jul 15 2015

       At some point when GitHub has taken over the world, we'll host all our data in self-managing Git repositories, into which we'll provide access to different abstractions such as Facebook, FriendFace, Twitter, eBay, and whatever shell of x- indr we might be into. (e.g. Tindr, Gindr, Wifendr, Sigotherndr, Petndr, etc)   

       With the decoupling of data from service, we might end up taking control over our own data, leaving the service provision to internet-Joes. A nice idea, but I'm not sure there's any money in it.
zen_tom, Jul 15 2015

       The easier search and retrieval will be the main asset of this service. And, since there are so many gmail/facebook users, there is bound to be a way to make money from it, way before the next "myway" closedown or "hotmail for money" plan, during the coming stock exchange crash.
pashute, Jul 18 2015

       I'll probably sigh a sigh of relief.
po, Jul 19 2015

       When the stock market crashes or when facebook closes down?
pashute, Jul 20 2015


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