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in case google kidnaps our info - bitcoin like distributed storage
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This open source data saver stores your google mail (all of it) contacts and docs (all of them) encrypted on several computers around the world in return for allowing the encrypted storage of others.

It updates once a month and removes the chance that Google will some day decide to close down or just ask you to pay in order to see your stored information.

pashute, Jun 11 2018


       The justinCase, the We're-All-Preppers-Now fail-safe for email--just sign me up, just in case!   

       Offshoot products will be necessary due to the sadly predictable malfeasance of all the Corporatocracies (Googlemonster, Yahooligans, Amazonzilla...)   

       Could we also use it to save the Halfbakery from future outages?!
Sgt Teacup, Oct 15 2018

       Here they go. Who knew that it would take only three years. Google's plan is scheduled for June 1.
pashute, Nov 12 2020


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