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Backwards hair-style

Reversible reversal
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I couldn't see this one, nor have I seen an example of it...

Grow the hair long at the front; comb it straight over and down the face, and shave the rear with a fringe. Tattoo some facial features and put some glasses on back to front.

Ling, Dec 16 2012

I don't even... http://www.bing.com...of+head&FORM=HDRSC2
mmwhy? [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 16 2012]

Cousin Itt https://www.google....AQ&biw=1429&bih=669
[xandram, Dec 17 2012]

Ludo Fwend! http://www.whoinven...static/poppyhat.jpg
By a strange coincidence I took this photo just the other day. [Wrongfellow, Dec 17 2012]


       Funny - The other day I was considering shaving my head and getting hair tattooed on it - perhaps a comb-over.
normzone, Dec 16 2012

       Yeah, a combination of the first two links!
Ling, Dec 17 2012


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