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Benia Braids

Hairstyles mimicking a necklace or bolo tie for unique looks.
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This is a simple concept of hairstyling that I am actually kind of surprised not to have seen yet on anyone. Therefore, I named it after myself, using my nickname, Benia.

• Note: This style is for people with long hair only. •

Take a small section of hair from behind each ear or near the nape of the neck and bring them both in front of the shoulders. From there, just create any variation or combination of the following styles, or create your own unique style.

Wearing hair as jewelry or an accessory in this way may even fool the casual onlooker into thinking you have a necklace or choker that matches your haircoloring perfectly.

Depending on the length of hair available, vary the connecting points to resemble various styles of choker to Y-style necklaces, or even a chain.

• Braid, fish-tail braid, or rope-twist each of the two sections separately, then join them together with a decorative pin or clip.

• Braids may be fastened together at the clipping point for a single loose tail, nearer the ends for double braids that resemble a bolo, or combined into a single braid where the two meet.

• Bring completely braided or twisted hair together near the very bottoms of each braid to create the illusion of a single, low-hanging necklace. A pin or clip covering the ends may look more like a necklace charm if done right.

• For very long hair, try wrapping the two sections of hair around the front of the neck tightly and fasten either in back, or in the front after going around the neck for a choker necklace or scarf look. Hair can be wrapped without any braiding for a smooth appearance.

XSarenkaX, Sep 11 2003


       //Note: This style is for people with long hair only.//   

       ... or people with real small heads and short necks.
kbecker, Sep 11 2003

       [blissmiss]: Do not be afraid.   

       I shall have to post a photo of myself with an example of this idea shown, some day. Any other volunteers, please feel free.
XSarenkaX, Sep 12 2003

       And a .wav file with the pronunciation of "Benia". Thank you.
phundug, Sep 12 2003

       Benia is pronounced just like Enya, but with a B in front if it. (BEN-yah)
XSarenkaX, Sep 12 2003

       Ok! That's cute.
phundug, Sep 12 2003

       Cute idea, but where exactly does it leave me?
DrCurry, Sep 12 2003

       High & dry, I suppose. Like most of the ideas found in the halfbakery, this idea is not for everyone. Perhaps a friend or loved one of yours could enjoy trying this idea?
XSarenkaX, Sep 12 2003

       Perhaps, [DrCurry], you could apply this idea in the form of a faux beard, by growing your hair out, braiding it together to form a sort of fringe, then holding it tightly in your teeth so it hangs down over your chin. You could not speak without dispelling the illusion, but bearded folk are naturally more mysterious. You could still wiggle your eyebrows and wink.
bungston, Sep 12 2003

       Linky-linky! Wanna see photos of my Benia Braid? (Sorry this took forever!)
XSarenkaX, Feb 18 2004

       Linky is on the blinky, and I am sad, for I wanted to see this....
normzone, Feb 18 2004

       Oops. Sorry about that. I changed the link. Give it a shot now.
XSarenkaX, Feb 19 2004

       still doesn't work...maybe overloaded already?
Freefall, Feb 19 2004

       Geez. It worked for me. Try now? Hopefully the third time is a charm. <crosses fingers>
XSarenkaX, Feb 20 2004

       Looks fantastic. Unfortunately my friend didn't want to try it, and then you deleted my anno anyway. Sniff. Think I'll go and eat worms.
egbert, Feb 20 2004

       I braided the worms, sorry. Very lovely, [Sarenka].
k_sra, Feb 20 2004

       [egbert]: I don't remember deleting anybody's anno. If I did, I assure you it was strictly by accident, and I apologize. Here, have a tissue...
XSarenkaX, Feb 20 2004

       A related idea is the Benwa Braid, which I believe was posted here somewhere.
bungston, Feb 20 2004


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