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Bone Heads

Hardcore Skinheads
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Hardcore skinheads could effectively scalp themselves, exposing skull just above the ears all the way around. Some sort of head band could go around the healing skin/flesh until it closed up. Instead of head tattoos they could simply apply their symbols on with crayon, texta, biro etc. .

But what to do then with the remaining scalp? perhaps a crude lager recepticle, sporran, or two joined together for a novel game of netball etc

benfrost, Mar 19 2001

Trepanation http://www.trepanation.com/
It doesn't get much more hardcore than this. [egnor, Mar 19 2001]


       Really hardcore idiots could even remove the bone above ear-level exposing their brains.

But what to do then with the remaining skull? Perhaps an ashtray or a soup bowl.
sirrobin, Mar 19 2001

       I remember seeing some guy on Jenny Jones with screws screwed into his skull in the shape of a mohawk. Pretty hardcore, I'd say.
Wes, Mar 19 2001

       A skinhead exposing his brain would be like Barbie's friend Ken becoming a flasher.
beauxeault, Mar 19 2001

       have a metal shiny skull
technobadger, Mar 19 2001

       Indeed... I had always envisioned PeterSealy as sort of a cross between Mr. Wick and Mr. Bean... the shaved head thing completely blows that out of the water though.
PotatoStew, Mar 20 2001

       Am I the only person who had never envisioned PeterSealy?
Monkfish, Mar 20 2001

       Excellent idea, Unabubba, the skin flaps and exposed skull would make it a lot easier to beat the living kanocka out of any idiot Boner Head. Just grab the flap, pull downward...
evanescent, Mar 20 2001

       The only hard information I had spotted on PeterSealy's appearance prior to this topic was his admission (under Smoke Detecting Nose) that his nose wasn't beige.
So all I assumed was dark skin.
sirrobin, Mar 20 2001

       from PS, Mar. 19: "I don't go around kicking people's heads in"   

       That's the part that really blows *my* image of PeterSealy.   

       just kidding, PS ;^)
beauxeault, Mar 20 2001

       have shiny transparent plastic on your head as in 5th Element [zorg and some of his minions]
technobadger, Mar 20 2001

       Does anybody find this topic disgusting?
tigerwren, Aug 08 2001


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