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Chia Hair

The company that makes Chia Pets should diversify their products.
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This has probably been suggested elsewhere already, but Chia Pet "fur" could be used in place of real hair. This would not just be a cure for baldness, but would also allow men (and women, too, I suppose) to customize their facial hair. I think food coloring could be used to change the color.
nick_n_uit, Dec 27 2000


       And it will be environmentally friendly too!
Qualiall, Dec 27 2000

       Now that would be QUITE fetching.
seizethefish, Dec 28 2000

       Has anyone else noticed that the "Chia Head" looks alot like US President Bill Clinton, or is it just me?
Qualiall, Dec 29 2000

       It's not just you.
arghblah, Dec 29 2000

       Yeah, it was an SNL gag. But so what? It's a great idea. Let's talk about marketing. Let's say you work for Chia's creative dept. You're charged with expanding their line to continue to suck in more dupes. So you come up with a whole new line of Chias. You're thinking of immortalizing rock stars so that you can attract a different audience. So you start a series. You make one that looks like Jerry Garcia. So what you tout is "Jerry Gar-Chia." You could do a whole rock star series. Robert "Plant." You get the idea.   

       Okay, so it blows.
rachele, Dec 31 2000

       Why have all the good ideas already been written up? I had this idea this morning.   

       But, to add to this discussion. I think that this product would also cut into the sales of hair coloring products. Just think, instead of just being able to choose from a set number of colors that your hair can take (if you have black hair...forget about the colors turning out correctly anyway), you could pick the exact color and style of hair. Curly (ie sprout-like) and red one week, straight and green the next. Fun, fun, fun.   

       One pontential complication: Chia Pets take a week to achieve full growth. Maybe the hair could be grown seperately, only being placed on heads when the sprouting is complete?
flicken, Jun 27 2003


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