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Bad Copy

when good copiers go bad
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i want my photocopier to have a function to make really bad copies - for visual effect on design projects. Sometimes i try to get this effect, but it seems you either have to copy it 15 times at various resizes or do it really dark/light - simply because copiers today are generally pretty good (except when it comes to jamming).

A flip open panel somewhere on the side with an interface listing the possibilities eg. lines down side (left/right), patchy toner, ghost reflection, over/underexposed, 10th/25th/50th copy simulation etc.

benfrost, Nov 16 2004

can be used by moomintroll's half heard genius wizards http://www.halfbake...Half-heard_20genius
[benfrost, Nov 16 2004]

The Raserbator http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/
Upload any image and convert it into a multipage PDF file, similar to what BrauBeaton did in one shot. [ayt, Nov 18 2004]

2.5 Gigapixel picture http://news.bbc.co....hnology/4022149.stm
"It started as a lunchtime bet". [angel, Nov 19 2004]


po, Nov 16 2004

       or visual eftect on dosion proiec   

       Doesn't seem to have a very large potential market.
Worldgineer, Nov 16 2004

       replace your photocopier for a scanner, and then photoshop the effects in - or, introduce photoshop plugins to your photocopier?
zen_tom, Nov 16 2004

       What [zen] said, set a plugin to produce oil painted effects with wee brushstrokes.
reensure, Nov 17 2004

       that image has a good effect., i remember using copiers at university and they were always crap - now all the copiers are too perfect. i remember one of my dad's copiers that had green ink toner in it as an option to black and i could make these whacky overlaying copies in different colours. havent seen this option since
benfrost, Nov 17 2004

       what po said
Pericles, Nov 17 2004

       because perfect imperfections usually come out less than perfect
benfrost, Nov 17 2004

       Why can't you just use the Photoshop 'photocopy' filter?
hippo, Nov 17 2004

       [BrauBeaton] that wall sounds super cool!
benfrost, Nov 17 2004

       [BB]: Could you not take an existing image, resize it to be *really big*, then print it at 100% scale, using multiple pages?
angel, Nov 17 2004

       [BrauBeaton] Here's another way to get huge images, printed on lots of sheets of paper. Scan your image into a computer and import the resulting jpg or gif image into cell A1 of a new Excel spreadsheet. Then resize the image in Excel until it is sufficiently vast. Look at where Excel is placing the page breaks at this point and tweak the image size. When you print it out, Excel will print the image over as many sheets as you like (I think the largest I ever did was about 6x6 sheets of A4).
hippo, Nov 18 2004

       [Hippo] what did u print across the 6x6?
benfrost, Nov 18 2004

       See link about the rasterbator. I have a 25 sheet closeup of a Modigliani hanging in my office. Max size it 50 x 25 sheets of paper!
ayt, Nov 18 2004

       [BrauBeaton] A photo of my daughter
hippo, Nov 18 2004


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