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A copier that...Ummm, shreds as well
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Most photocopiers these days are multifunctional, printing and copying. So how about a built in shredder. You print 50 pages then Doh!!! you see the spelling mistake. No Problemo, hit the shred button and all the prints/copies are sucked back into the machine and shredded, instead of being "recycled" in the bin, like most unwanted print jobs are.
Micky Dread, Oct 28 2003


       Could you feed all the shredded paper down a chute into the furnace below to spin the turbines, to provide heat/cool, which was variable to the amount of cockups produced by the Copier/Printer/Shredder?   

       "Its getting cold in here..", "Quick print another copy of the Safety Manual, to the shredder"...blah..
Supercruiser, Oct 28 2003

       "Oh, no! The copier-shredder's stuck in an infinite loop again!"
beland, Oct 28 2003

       // all the prints/copies are sucked back into the machine and shredded   

       Most printers I've had experience does this. On an unvoluntary basis, though.
Brummo, Oct 30 2003

       + for the green idea by Rods Tiger..certainly would save lots of paper..
mvc, Oct 30 2003

       I often find that I've accidentally set the sheet feeder on my copier to 'destroy original'...
swamilad, Oct 30 2003


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