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Bad Table Manners Restaurant

Release tension by violating rules of etiquette
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Eat with your hands. Hell, put your face in your food and munch away. Play with your food. Throw your food. Slurp. Belch.

It’s agreed that this behavior is acceptable here, as patrons and staff engage in an understanding that this is a stress relieving activity. Adults are allowed to vent by giving way to childish impulses.

(And don’t say “Baked – McDonalds” because this is *supposed* to be different!)

snarfyguy, Oct 22 2001

Medieval Times http://medievaltimes.com/
Play with your food. Throw your food. Slurp. Belch. All while a bunch of weirdos bash each other with swords. [mighty_cheese, Oct 22 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Baked. And, for that matter, fried. http://www.crackerb...-menu.cfm?doc_id=73
[mrthingy, Mar 11 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Baked. Ever been to an Ethiopian restaurant?
elizilla, Oct 22 2001

       There is a nearby Gas Station which has Employees eating with out of hand and ringing up Gas and sundries with the other - revolting.
thumbwax, Oct 22 2001

       Baked, sort of. In Orlando, there used to be a place called "King Henry's Feast", which was a medieval themed show restaurant, and medieval rules of etiquette were encouraged. Well, again, sort of. While you didn't get any silverware, they did provide a lot of napkins, as most patrons didn't care to follow the ancient practice of wiping their greasy, sauce-covered hands on their clothes.
Guncrazy, Oct 22 2001

sven3012, Oct 22 2001

       'Ladies and Germs, due to the shortage of table napkins, a large shaggy dog will pass among you at intervals.'
angel, Oct 22 2001

       UB, I acknowledge that some of the flavors might be alluring, but why would the "sight" of such a meal be degusting?
beauxeault, Oct 22 2001

       Baked -- McDonald's (though "restaurant" is pushing it here)
quarterbaker, Oct 22 2001

       Can I come to your house next thanksgiving, BM?   

       Sounds like fun.
Mayfly, Oct 22 2001

       UnaBubba, that was "Medieval Times" dinner theatre in "Cable Guy" (see link)
mighty_cheese, Oct 22 2001

       Okay, I'll go for it ... provided the food at this restaurant is EXTREMELY good. Because, really, why else would you bother?   

       I'm talking cuisine that's so good, it makes your eyes roll back in your head; uncontrollable-craving good; wake-you-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night good.   

       Not only do you want to put your face in the soup; you want to jump in and swim around. You crave the bliss of not knowing where the food ends and you begin. This food makes you feel the way you would while waiting in an elevator, going up to a hotel-room rendezvous with your secret lover ...   

       I need a cigarette.
1percent, Oct 22 2001

       After your description [1percent] I think I need one too. Just as long as no one pees in the soup.
barnzenen, Oct 22 2001

       There's a restraunt in Boston where the waiters are historically blatanly rude. You get to pay extra to be mistreated - a very popular place, too, although I can't remember the name.
Deity, Oct 22 2001

       Yeah, that's not an unheard of theme for a restaurant. There used to be one in Brooklyn called, I think, the Crazy Country Club. Patrons would just get abused, or so I've heard.
snarfyguy, Oct 23 2001

       Pees in the soup, barnzenen? Methinks SOMEONE has been watching a few two many movies by the (in)famous Farrelly Boys!
Sparki, Oct 23 2001

       Sounds interesting to eat like are ancient ancestors.
jeffman, Jul 24 2003


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