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Fluctuating eating speed restaurant

Solution looking for a problem
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[beany] claims that some restaurants use warm colors like red to make customers eat faster: [link].

Assuming that's true, you could have a restaurant where the color temperature of the lighting changes from warm white to cool white and back, sinusoidally, every few minutes. (The color temperature rate of change would be slow enough to not be noticeable if you were watching the lights, but if you looked at the absolute color temperature (rather than its rate of change) several times over your eating session, you would notice it was not constant.) This would cause patrons to speed up and slow down their eating, which might be amusing. You could even make different sections of the restaurant eat at different rates, and see which is more powerful: color temperature or peer pressure.

N/A [just now]

notexactly, Feb 12 2018

Objects On The Plat...er Than They Appear [beany]'s claim: Sep 30 2017 [notexactly, Feb 12 2018]


       You could blue shift the wait staff, making them appear to come back faster than they are.
RayfordSteele, Feb 12 2018


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