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Its ambitious and delicious
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From what I understand, the downfall to many well intentioned attempts to get into better shape is the inability to cut the ties of food and happiness. As with most things, I feel that they should meet somewhere in the middle.

This brings us the "exeraunt" Combine a full body workout with a full course meal without feeling counter productive.

Imagine ,you go out for dinner and receive a menu and beside all the choices there is a breakdown of all the calories and other important things to that nature. After you place your order you are given a "ticket" in which all the calories are totaled and equated into a recommended time and type of exercise that would burn an equal or greater amount. From the lobby you take your ticket and punch it into the machine where it will lead you to one of several different hallways leading to the dining room.

Say you ordered the risotto, you now enter a room but the door is attached to 50 pound weights and the floor is a treadmill moving in the opposite direction! The floor stops and you have to use the monkey bars to get across and afterwards jump a number of hurdles! Now there are a series of dumbbells resting on weight sensors which have to be moved before you can get to the next area, where finally there is a climbing rope that leads you to the top level.

Now having had a tiresome workout you can relax and have a nice night out while still feeling like you are upholding your commitment.

Furi Kuri, Dec 07 2007

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Diet vs. South Beach Diet. http://www.weirdasi...set-guiness-record/
[pyggy potamus, Dec 07 2007]

Calory usage of various activities http://www.primuswe...-bin/fpc/actcalc.pl
Supercalorifictablesbanishfoolishnotions. [MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 07 2007]


       Do not confuse with the Excreraunt.
phoenix, Dec 07 2007

       hmmm good point.
Furi Kuri, Dec 07 2007

       Good idea, but you'll need to serve the right foods or all the exercise will be for nothing.
Noexit, Dec 07 2007

       it is a good idea, but there wouldn't be very many customers for various reasons. For example, the student who lives with his parents, can't get a job (because their aren't any where he lives), and dosen't have his own transportation but cares about his wellbeing wants to go to the exceraunt but his parents decide to go to Burger King instead because it's cheaper.
keithbrunkala, Dec 07 2007

       There is a problem with this, though. A decent meal is probably at least a couple of thousand calories, which is three hours of vigorous workout. Or seven hours of "Shoe repair: general", according to a source (see link).
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 07 2007

       Excer Aunt - Exercising with your Aunt.
popbottle, Jan 22 2017


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