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Baked icon

So you know which ideas are "successful"
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Rather than moving all "baked" ideas to their own section, or removing them completely (as has been suggested), just place a little can of beans or a "BAKED" stamp next to the fish & croissant icons to show it is baked.
Only the idea's author (or Jutta) would be able to add the icon, and obviously they should add a link or an annotation to show why it is baked.
I prefer this to deleting them, as I like to read the ideas & annotations of baked ideas just as much as those of halfbaked ones, and they remain a source of inspiration for halfbaked ideas, too.
Jim, Aug 16 2000

Baked and dumped ideas http://www.halfbake...26_20dumped_20ideas
Other suggestion for what to do with baked ideas [Jim, Aug 16 2000]

(?) Baked Archive http://www.halfbake...dea/Baked_20Archive
Another suggestion for what to do with baked ideas. [Jim, Aug 16 2000]

Croissant might make it into Unicode http://m.huffpost.c...bklnkushpmg00000063
[Worldgineer, May 23 2015]

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       I would prefer this to removing items.
blahginger, Aug 16 2000

       I like this idea too...Might could replace the croissant/stinkfish with the beans, but leave the +/- otherwise...
StarChaser, Aug 17 2000

       I like the croissant/stinkfish idea, myself. It'd be cool to see a can of baked beans or whatever beside it, at least for a few weeks.
BigThor, Sep 05 2000

       Croissants and beans don't mix
thumbwax, Oct 04 2000

       i like the idea of keeping the baked ideas, while im not sure how to deal with their separation or nonseparation i think they should stay. Personally i feel that some ideas reamin "halfbaked" long after they have been proven to exist.   

       besides, some of the coolest halfbaked ideas are spawned from things that are baked.
wrenchndmachine, Oct 04 2000

       How about, instead of an image, simply put the title of the idea in strikethrough, wherever it is listed...
Detly, Dec 22 2000

       Maybe we should have a 'burned' icon (smouldering slice of toast) for baked ideas that subsequently failed due to market forces / incompetence / fraud / whatever...
MonTemplar, Aug 19 2001

       (+) for usefulness. I cannot belive this has not been implemented before. This would let us see baked ideas in HB light (which is usually quite better than global light.) Plus, I have seen good ideas fall because they were baked (darn you KidNation), and I would love to have them turn into a discussion on an actual implemented. How can such an old and good idea not be used?
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 18 2007

       Wow World, that would make our little bun very famous and so well known. (kind of the same thing, I know.)
blissmiss, May 23 2015

       I was actually wondering if this came from the other direction. Maybe the type of people that create Unicode icons are the type of people that come here.
Worldgineer, May 23 2015


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