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The reverse of this I think...
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A website, or an extension of this site, where people can request assistance on a technical idea, or a suggestion, and boffins and laymen alike can offer solutions.

ie. Is it possible to use my pets as power.. or,
How can I get my shower to bring me off.. or,
In the US, do you have the most futuristic water coolers in the world or what?

This would divert a lot of the less than quarter baked ideas from the site, to a place where they can either be redirected, or assisted into demi-pastry by experienced bakers. Also, would be good for linking people with common interests or fields, and even into baking ideas for actual money! Would be a good place to meet and discuss without the pressure of proposals.. like this.

An assistant in avoiding the "We've had those for the last fifty years in the US!" moments too, that Google doesnt always seem to help with.

Or a message board.

Danzarak, Mar 04 2002

Halfbakery links http://www.halfbake...ditorial/links.html
Not a forum as you suggest but a list of resources maintained by the Halfbakery. [bristolz, Mar 04 2002]

(?) An Halfbaker's Helper http://frogshop.hyp...et/stalepastry.html
Dog Ed also maintains a Web page that has a lot of reference resources for halfbaking. [bristolz, Mar 04 2002]


       Thanks Bristolz... do you live in Bristol, or is it in reference to... er...
Danzarak, Mar 04 2002

       No! It's my name. <grumbles>
bristolz, Mar 04 2002

       Oops... sorry! If it makes it any better, my last name is Akers (-acres-) and usually ends up being pronounced Akkers, to rhyme with knackers.
Danzarak, Mar 04 2002

       I've thought about posting an idea for "Baking Service." So somebody could put up their halfbaked idea, and I could offer a price to finish baking it. The "bathtub reheater" is a good example: no such product exists, but I could build one from off-the-shelf components for a good price.

Where baking the idea is not feasible ("anti-gravity boots"), that would have to be disclosed to the customer (along with charging a fee for initial research).

This idea is close, but doesn't put money in MY pocket.
quarterbaker, Mar 04 2002


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