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take halfbakery ideas to the next step
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How about a website that people interested in working on a particular halfbakery idea (and that have some spare time) can get together and work on making the idea come to fruition. The website could host multiple projects and provide features like online storage, source-code check-in, mail list/newsgroup. Each projects page could be edited/moderated by a project leader-perhaps the person that came up with the original half-baked idea. fullbakery.com could also have a staff capable of helping groups with legal/patent issues, marketing help, as well as hardware/software development. All this support would be paid for by advertisement revenue, it would be free to users.
sh4linux, Nov 01 2000

(??) eproject.com http://www.eproject.com/
That's pretty much it, except they also aim for resales for intranet use; I don't think the "advertising will pay for everything" business model has a big future here, since this isn't light entertainment. [jutta, Nov 01 2000]

webdav http://www.webdav.org/
The protocol-level background for web-based distributed authoring. [jutta, Nov 01 2000]

SourceForge http://sourceforge.net/
Web-based Open Source development; big and feature-rich. [jutta, Nov 01 2000]

(???) SpringBee http://www.springbee.com
describe your idea and they may help you make a company [sh4linux, Nov 01 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Epiware http://www.epiware.com
An open source document management system that already has a lot of these features [mastersonb, May 09 2007]

Ideas land http://www.ideasisland.com/
This should interest halfbakers! [pashute, Aug 14 2011]


       Something else that would be useful is a want page that has asks for particular talents or location. This would make it easier for people to find a project in their area or that needs their particular skills.   

       Location is more important if you're making some kind of hardware that if you're making software, for some projects it might be necessary for everyone to physically meet.
doomsayer, Dec 04 2000

       first step is to simply provide a way to have different categories of annotations. one category should be 'next steps'.
strider, May 24 2001

       Interestingly, the link provided by sh4linux to SpringBee shows SpringBee has folded as of this date.
thumbwax, Jun 10 2002

       Seems to be back now.   

       It's a parked domain name with advertising on it. Hardly would call that "back".
jutta, May 09 2007

       What about all the "Bomb Mars" ideas? Or the really dangerous ones?
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 10 2007

       Are you imputing some lesser worth to such ideas? And not any old bomb would work, you know.
bungston, Sep 10 2007

       This is just like the "wholebakery" idea, but i'm up for an idea like this becoming more real than an idea.
twitch, Jan 13 2009

popbottle, Dec 14 2016


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