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for the more serious of the ideas here
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Let's face it. Most of the ideas posted on this site are primarily for comedic value, or lack the detail necessary to make them workable. Every once in a while however one of them is really good. Since these ideas are published here they mostly likely lose most of their patentability. The solution is the wholebakery: A site put together like this one but both viewing and posting would require membership. Resulting patents would belong to the wholebakery, and royalties would be shared among contributors, based on the value of their contributions to the idea, a portion would also go to the site. At first financing the actual development of the ideas would be up to the members, after enough patent royalties start rolling in the wholebakery could invest the necessary funds to develop the ideas. Using money from the wholebakery would increase the portion of the royalties from that invention that the site would receive. The structure of the system would be complex and would have to be legally airtight to avoid lawsuits and such, but all in all it would be pretty good for those "I have this detailed idea, but not the means to actually do it" people among us, and would allow those "I can build anything but I have no unique ideas" people to participate profitably.
brewer, Jul 25 2005

Seems familiar www_2efullbakery_2ecom
[pooduck, Jul 25 2005]

TIPUET http://www.halfbake...sion=TIPUET&ok=+OK+
I'd never heard of it before - there's even a user called Tipuet! [zen_tom, Jul 27 2005]

Tipuet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tippet
Neither the user nor the acronym [normzone, Jan 13 2009]


       I think this has been suggested, to an extent.
pooduck, Jul 25 2005

       sure enough, sorry about that, I hadn't seen the old post
brewer, Jul 25 2005

       A while back I started flagging the really good ideas with a marker - "[feasible]" or something like that. That would enable me to bring up all the workable stuff from the search page like you can with the [marked for deletion] ideas. I was hoping it would catch on so that we could gather a subset of good ideas in case anyone wanted to develop them. Unfortunately I have forgotten the word I used...
wagster, Jul 25 2005

       Found it, it was [viable]. I used it twice.
wagster, Jul 25 2005

       I'm not sure that TIPUET indicated anything more than the idea being possible (I could be wrong here). I was thinking more in terms of ideas that have a good chance of getting to market, selling and (god forbid) even making a profit. Ideas worth putting real time and real money into.
wagster, Jul 25 2005

       I don't see the point to TIPUET; it seems redundant. If an idea is possible only with some technology that doesn't exist, won't it get marked as bad science, or magic or somesuch? Without reviewing, I suspect that almost every one of my ideas is possible using existing technology: not advisable, but possible.   

       Maybe a local chapter of an inventor's association would be the more appropriate venue for the types of exchanges proposed in this idea. I encountered someone recently who is trying to put together a collaboration that he calls an "inventor's playground" that should, in effect, accomplish the goals of the proposed web site. The exposure would be more narrow than with a web venue, but that has a definite upside.
half, Jul 27 2005

       Filing and policing patents is an expensive business. The idea seems to ignore that rather crippling side of the ledger.   

       Bun for anything that separates viable ideas from comedy, though I'm not sure which type I prefer.
Texticle, Jul 28 2005

       Any fruition of this idea? in any form? even on someobody's mind? i'm up for it, really.
twitch, Jan 13 2009


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