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slashdot jealousy controll device

on slashdot, people call it /.
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on half bakery, lets call it something too....post your ideas here!!! œ b, or ¹baked² strike back at those 37337 /.'ing 13a$t3r|]$
cybercyph, Aug 14 2000


       We've got Bakery/2, but that's still a bit long. B/2?
bookworm, Aug 14 2000

       ...or not B/2. That's the question...
bookworm, Aug 15 2000

       'Slashdot' came from the punctuation '/.'. I like '.5bakery', and typing a whole eight characters doesn't bother me...
StarChaser, Aug 18 2000


       3 chars, seperate fingers, quick, simple, stupid. confusing?
absterge, Aug 18 2000

       What about making it "oneslashtwobaked" and for extra pizzaz you could caps every other letter and stand on your head while typing!
Wraith7n, Feb 05 2001

       ...or not.
Wraith7n, Feb 05 2001

       H/B - simple and effective.   

       Shouldn't this idea be re-named "Standardized Halfbakery Abbreviation"?
Jim, Sep 20 2001, last modified Sep 21 2001

       The best symbol would be the IPA code for a "rounded back open vowel", in Unicode LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED ALPHA, number 0x0252, which has the form of the bottom half of the letter B.   

       Of course, a thin letter E or thin number 3 would each resemble half of a B, sliced vertically.   

       Wow, recommending unicode characters is dull.
pottedstu, Jul 05 2002

       We could just assign one of the private use code points to be the Halfbakery Symbol, and use it wherever appropriate. (There's no need to actually design a glyph for it.)   

       There's a bakery near where I live which has an awning which is slowly losing its letters. The B and A are gone and the K is looking tattered. So it's nearly a half bakery. Soon, soon...
wiml, Jul 05 2002


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