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Taglines on the Halfbakery Wikia

for the tagline addicts
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I've created a wiki page on the http://halfbakery.wikia.com page for taglines. Haven't added any yet, though.
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2010

Deposit your tagline here. http://halfbakery.wikia.com/wiki/Taglines
[RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2010]


       {webpage cannot be found}
xandram, Jan 12 2010

       Fixed on behalf of the link's poster. Remember - the URL goes where it says "URL".   

       Oh hey, look at that. A wiki.   

       I really don't think calling that wiki "halfbakery" was a good idea. I worry that people are going to confuse it with site and are going to assume that there is some sort of organizational connection between that site and this one. And I'd hate for people to think that, considering that that site is covered in ads and not managed.   

       Hey Inyuki, can you make that site look a little less like the halfbakery? Like, get your own logo or name?
jutta, Jan 12 2010

       srsly, just drop taglines into annos or something.
"Veni, Vidi, Viennese Pastry"
FlyingToaster, Jan 12 2010

       I thought it was RS's
po, Jan 12 2010

       I don't claim it.
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2010

       That's pretty presumptuous.
rcarty, Jan 12 2010

       I don't get this, and I agree that it's wrong to use the HB logo. All these wicker things sort of diffuse the HB. [-]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 12 2010

       dilutions of grandeur.
FlyingToaster, Jan 12 2010

       I don't understand this fascination with tagline aggregation.
tatterdemalion, Jan 12 2010

       I just keep seeing people doing the 'marked for tagline' thing with no place to collect them. Personally I enjoyed reading them when there was a list, but I understand jutta doesn't want it revived here. All I did was add a tagline page. The logo was there already.
RayfordSteele, Jan 13 2010

       ooh, that wikia page is ugly!

Google Wave - like Ian, I haven't quite decided what it's for(*). I'm setting up a collaborative work space for a group of Fromage Grandes who will advise the organisation I work for (this will be a bit like a group of non-Exec directors). Google Wave would allow them to share documents and discuss stuff but it's too unstructured - a simple forum and document library is what they need.

(*) That's not intended to mean that I haven't decided what Ian's for.
hippo, Jan 13 2010

       So share your wisdom [hippo], what -is- Ian for?
pocmloc, Jan 13 2010

       But it's been made clear that it runs counter to what the site is designed for. Too much editing and whatnot.   

       21Q, can I ask, what's the point of a google doc for taglines if nobody can view it save a few that you share it with?
RayfordSteele, Jan 13 2010

       I really like this scramble for [UB]'s dropped baton. let the list go.
rcarty, Jan 13 2010

       ditto, but it *is* convenient to have a place to deposit one's gem-shaped fewmets (or vice-versa) for posteriority.
FlyingToaster, Jan 13 2010

       That list can easily be generated by searching for [marked-for-tagline] without the spaces. I tip my sociology cap to whoever started that, may that forever be their property, and source of prestige and power.
rcarty, Jan 13 2010

       I liked the tagline "idea". I think it could be preserved somewhere and people could even add to it, but there's no need to do that somewhere which is sort of branded in the same way as here. It could be on Inglybinglydingly or Overbaked as a thread, for example. Those groups just sort of sit there all the time with no-one ever posting anything, even though we often engage in stuff on here which would be far more appropriate over there, and i know i do that too. Come to think of it, the whole thing would probably have been better off on one of those groups anyway. It wouldn't've vanished when [UB] left here if it had been there.   

       Edit: actually, what [21Q] said.
nineteenthly, Jan 13 2010

       Remember what happened to Edward Woodward in "The Wikia Man"....
wagster, Jan 13 2010

       We don't remember. What did happen ? The only bit we remember is Britt Ekland dancing in her bedroom.... sadly that bit of the tape wore out before the rest.
8th of 7, Jan 13 2010

       It would be nice and very nice of [Rayford] for try to help those who really enjoyed the tagline thing. I don't see it as [UB]'s baton, but the fact that [jutta] allowed us to *play* there. It's gone as though a bulldozer leveled a playground....
and that's my bun for his thoughtfullness!
xandram, Jan 15 2010

       Fair dos. The sentiment was there even if the result wasn't what was intended. []
wagster, Jan 15 2010

       My comment wasn't directed at [RS] specifically but the general movement to bring back the list which seems irrational based on prior experience that the list has been deleted, user control of the list lead to the list being deleted, this is not the halfbakery for taglines but inventions, the value of an easy to access list of random phrases is subjective, not having a tagline list may encourage users to focus efforts on thinking up good tagline worthy annotations to ideas instead of to just that single file thereby improving the site, the taglines were mostly lame, any effort to start a new list will be done by halfbakers and as such inevitably fail, this is a good opportunity to practice adapting to change, and etc.
rcarty, Jan 15 2010

       Looks like you need an invite to view the Google Wave link.
RayfordSteele, Jan 19 2010


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