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Bald head temporary tattoo

Blank canvas!
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Sometimes a person has all their hair fall out. Often it will grow back. But what to do with the bald head? Wigs are an option. Scarfs are an option. Scarves are one too.

Here at BUNGCO we think the potential of the cranial canvas is underutilized. We have a line of temporary tattoos perfect to celebrate the beginning of chemotherapy. Temporary cranial tat options Options include Hermes, Christ, Lobot, Gabriel, Shiva, L. Airbender, and Pinhead - with the tats in question of course being the distinctive scalp adornments of each. Or assemble a set of our Tuft tattoos and temporarily tattoo on your own wig!

bungston, Mar 23 2013

what like this? http://farm4.static...41_c7202025eb_z.jpg
[not_morrison_rm, Mar 23 2013]

Bald head tattooed hair http://flashyourtat...g-baldness-tattoos/
these are permanent of course..... [xenzag, Mar 24 2013]

Remain in denial Combover_20Toupee
[FlyingToaster, Mar 24 2013]

back of the head http://hurtyelbow.t...536c1f047970b-800wi
[xandram, Mar 25 2013]

(?) Bald head permanent tattoos http://vimeo.com/crimsonguitars
[angel, Mar 25 2013]


       A tattoo wig, plain and simple. +
blissmiss, Mar 23 2013

       My 6 year old daughter likes to use fingerpaint on my bald head.
Kansan101, Mar 24 2013

       I just had a vision of fingerpaint dredlocks. Each lock a different color, globbed together in a dred by the dried paint. That would work even for dark korean hair.
bungston, Mar 24 2013

       Ben Crowe of Crimson Guitars prefers the permanent version (linky).
angel, Mar 25 2013


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