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Burrito kill tally belly stamp

Burgers too!
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Fighter planes sometimes have a kill tally on the side. Attached is a funny image I found along those lines, grading into the category of ha-ha mayhem.

I propose that at the fair, booths selling food could have stamps. On eating a burrito or elephant ear or corn dog one could stamp its likeness on your skin, ideally your bare belly, thus keeping a kill tally for the marvelment of all.

bungston, Sep 08 2014

Car kill tally http://i28.photobuc...s/car_kill_list.jpg
A little grim but still funny. [bungston, Sep 08 2014]

If bears could fly http://www.smbc-comics.com/?id=1672#comic
[Voice, Sep 13 2014]


       Perhaps an aggregated tally mark for the greedy, to allow them to stamp the likeness of a cow or other appropriate beast of the field, as and when enough burritomeat as would constitute an entire cow has been consumed.
calum, Sep 08 2014

       After the first paragraph I thought that the stamp would be on the burrito to indicate how many people had died do to eating these.
scad mientist, Sep 08 2014

       For a moment, we thought that was one of our vehicles in the photo ...
8th of 7, Sep 08 2014

       You sound rather proud of yourself there, [21 Quest]. True?
blissmiss, Sep 08 2014

       // deep fried Twinkie //   

       Definitely some Scotch genetics at work there ...
8th of 7, Sep 08 2014

       The thing to be proud of is that all of those foods were made from real pug, a sustainable resource.
bungston, Sep 08 2014

       //2 gyros, a deep fried Twinkie, a chocolate-dipped strawberry kabob, elk sausage on a stick, and a doublescoop ice cream cone//   

       Are these food-stuffs? Or colorfully named man-on-man sex acts? Usually I'd assume food-stuffs. But since it's coming from you [21], I'd be remiss to not demand some clarification.
MikeD, Sep 11 2014

       //deep fried Twinkie//   

       I tried one of those once. It was just spongy and rubbery and nasty. Couldn't finish it. The Twinkie won.
ytk, Sep 12 2014

       //The Twinkie won//   

       Does that mean the twinkie should have earned a human kill tally stamp? Or perhaps there's a stamp for "maim".
DenholmRicshaw, Sep 12 2014

       When I eat beef if I only have liver is one liver considered one cow or do I have to eat a cow's weight in liver?   

       edit: grammar
Voice, Sep 12 2014

       Approximately 40% of the cow's live weight, consumed in any cut, should suffice. So a 1250lb moo'er, you want to scarf back 500lbs of liver if that's all you enjoy.
FlyingToaster, Sep 12 2014

       I just recently completed the Buffalo Wild Wing blazing wing challenge, and got a shirt to memorialize my victory... it is nice to wear a trophy of a masticatory victory.
MikeD, Sep 12 2014

       Buffalo wing is a rare cut indeed! Most of the buffalo I have seen are of the flightless variety!
pocmloc, Sep 12 2014

       Ah yes, I have seen a load of bull on here before, not sure what colour it was though.
pocmloc, Sep 12 2014

       I'm guessing it had a brownish tinge to it.
RayfordSteele, Sep 12 2014

       Maybe you could apply your nose grease gelding technique to one of those bulls, pocmloc. Tickly brush and all. Forgive me if I look away.
bungston, Sep 12 2014

       I'm still waiting for genetic engineering to give us real buffalo wings. As well as bovine, marsupial, and porcine wings.
Voice, Sep 13 2014


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