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Suntan Photograph

Print a picture on your skin by tanning
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[jmvw]'s idea (Tan Tattoo - see link) reminded me of this one - don't know whether to put it as Fashion:Tattoo:Temporary or Fashion:Tanning, but here it is:

Take a black and white medium or large format negative (or digitally print onto acetate if you must) and sellotape to a body part. Lie in sun until golden brown - baste with suncream as necessary and season to taste (probably summer).

This should produce a positive with tones ranging from as white as you started to as brown as you might normally tan to, and all those in between.

TomP, Mar 03 2011

Tan Tatoo Tan_20Tattoo
The idea which reminded me of this idea that I had some time ago. [TomP, Mar 03 2011]

it's the natural version of this idea Tanner_20pad_202
Tanner Pad [Voice, Mar 03 2011]

UV transmittance of film base http://photo.net/bl...ishing-forum/00YKdn
Asking elsewhere on UV transmittance of film base [TomP, Mar 04 2011]


       [+] good one.   

       I'd suggest linking to the inspiring Idea instead of lauding it inline to the post. Seems a good enough category.
FlyingToaster, Mar 03 2011

       Oh yeah, finally another use for my negatives. The 35mmm is not going to be much use, but the 2 1/4 would work okay.   

       Or could I use a lens fixture and magnify it and lay very still under it?
normzone, Mar 03 2011

       I like the idea of this.
blissmiss, Mar 03 2011

       very clever - I wonder what the resolution of skin is?
hippo, Mar 04 2011

       If UV is what gives you a tan, then would it be filtered by both the black and clear parts of the negative?
Ling, Mar 04 2011

       Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you could make one where you don't know what the picture is until you tan with it. I believe you could make the uv attenuated parts invisible.   

       Great idea.
doctorremulac3, Mar 04 2011

       Unfortunately most materials you could make these negatives from block UV-b, the suntanning part of UV. As [Ling] alluded to.
4whom, Mar 04 2011

       Tried this with aluminium foil for the masking, back in the 1970's, however, as it was in the British summer, difficult to see if it had worked or not.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 04 2011

       I thought I'd ask some knowledgeable people about UV transmittance[link]
TomP, Mar 04 2011

       Transmittance of silver-iodide and cellulose ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 04 2011


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