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Bruise Stickers

play fight counterfeit contusions
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Bruise Stickers may be the next big craze for nonviolent, exhibitionist youth. The product consists of three layers: a cardboard backing, the plastic sticker with pigment on the bottom and adhesive on the top and finally a covering film. Peel off the film and press your palm or fist against the sticker to loosen it from the backing before lightly smacking a friend or yourself.

A light slap on the face with a regular bruise sticker results in an instant, realistic, black and blue (and green and red) blemish, and a soft sock in the eye with a dark-ringed sticker will leave a black eye sore. Even small, black, rectangle stickers are available for knuckle-to-tooth application of “knocked out teeth”.

FarmerJohn, Aug 08 2004

Not stickers... http://www.hallowee...t/bruistattemt.html
..tattoos [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 05 2004]


       I thought that this must exist (though without the creative form of application). However, a google for "bruise stickers" only turns up an off color comment about domenstic violence barbie. +
Worldgineer, Aug 08 2004

       Not entirely sure why you'd want to do this, but it's bound to appeal to somebody. It would certainly be useful to amateur thespians and film directors everywhere.
DrCurry, Aug 08 2004

       Fighting made fun! Now work out the sound effects.
wagster, Aug 08 2004

       Liquid crystal might also work, if you could fiddle with the colors. For example, you have a spot of flesh-colored LC film on your arm, and when you touch it, it heats up and becomes green and gray, but then settles back into flesh color again.
phundug, Aug 09 2004

       The liquid crystal would even get you the nice hand print from a slap in the face
the_art, Aug 09 2004

       "no, I won't give you my croissant! what're you going to do, give me the sticker ?" +
sweet, Aug 10 2004

       Great idea to make excuses look more realistic. I could always tell my boss (when I have one) that I didn't mean to be late for work; actually, I was getting there in record time until this violent thief attacked me and took all my belongings with him. A couple stickers... no further questions.
Pericles, Aug 10 2004

       Now there's someone who plans ahead; making excuses for being late to a job she doesn't have.
half, Aug 11 2004

       Ouch [half]! That low punch did leave a real bruise.
Pericles, Aug 11 2004

       What's the advantage ? What's the point ?
python, Aug 13 2004

       [Pericles], I was admiring your optimism and forethought. It wasn't intended as a slam. My intent was to say "a job she doesn't *yet* have". Comprende?
half, Aug 13 2004

       How about temporary bruise tattos, if you're going for the Fight Club look?
Eugene, Aug 13 2004


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