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The Invisible Tattoo

True love
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Sitting at the beach yesterday I began thinking that I just might be the only person in New England who doesn't have a tattoo. None nada zip.

I would like to have the experience of getting one without the lasting art work on my body. An empathetic tattoo sort of. That way I would know what my loved one went through to get my name engraved forever on their bicep. I could share their pain so to speak.

It would be done with invisible ink of course...and it would be huge. All across my backside bikini line. It would say something like "Live Free or Die" with butterflies and flowers etc etc etc.

It'd be there...you just wouldn't see it. All the pain and bloodshed without the permanent picture. True love indeed.

blissmiss, Apr 29 2009

(?) Penn Jillette: Tattoo of Blood http://www.pennandt...roadpenntattoo.html
Similar motivation & idea. [jutta, Apr 29 2009]

Pantera's Phil Anslemo http://media.photob...anteraUnscarred.gif
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       I think I want it invisible always and forever. I don't like tattoos that much. Not so much as to wear one visibly forever.
blissmiss, Apr 29 2009

       Ah! The Emperor's New Tattoo is quite spectacular! Any clever person can see that.
theleopard, Apr 29 2009

       You play a great game of join the dots after it healed.
xenzag, Apr 29 2009

       What a Great Idea! - you could wear it with your Secret Hat!.
May I suggest 'UNSCARRED' in 4 Inch Letters? (Linky)
gnomethang, Apr 29 2009

       You could have an internal organ tattooed via keyhole surgery - that way you'd have all the experience of a tattoo without it showing. For example, the name of your lover written on the surface of your spleen.
hippo, Apr 30 2009

       I was wondering, is there an IR-reactive ink, similar to the UV-reactive inks, but that would either light up under IR light, or just reflect IR better than regular ink and only appear on night shots?
Veho, Apr 30 2009

       I live in New England and don't have one, so that makes 2 of us!
xandram, Apr 30 2009

       Hey we could each get invisible ones of each other's name and then we could start a secret club! I like that idea. (And [hippo] I already etched his name on my heart with my fingernail when we broke up...not the same effect.)
blissmiss, Apr 30 2009

       //The name of your lover written on the surface of your spleen.//   

       What about in old age when you've long broken up with them, and regret ever having it, and it shows up on an X-ray?   

       // I was wondering, is there an IR-reactive ink, similar to the UV-reactive inks?//   

       I wouldn't have thought so, since visible light is higher frequency (so higher energy) than IR, you'd have to add more energy. UV has more energy than visible light, so phosphors can easily reflect it at lower energies.   

       Perhaps a bio-luminescent implant would be in order? Or a thermochromic tattoo, which only becomes visible at slightly above body temperature - you could have one that says "I'm ill" when you have a fever. Or when it's cold, "I have frostbite."   

       Or implant an OLED screen with a USB socket, so you can change it as you please.
mitxela, Apr 30 2009

       Hmmm x-rays. I never thought of that. They would show up. Not good. I guess you would have to alter the needle to the teeniest of depth so the poke would be undetectable.
blissmiss, Apr 30 2009

       I don't think tattoo ink would be opaque to X-rays.
hippo, May 01 2009

       [+] just for the beautifull way you put it.
kamathln, May 01 2009

       [up_on_cloud_nine] If you don't mind it being invisible.
kamathln, May 01 2009

       Now there's a thought. I could get a halfbakery tagline tattooed on me. Or a croissant going around my navel. The possibilities make me dizzy with glee.
blissmiss, May 01 2009

       The Invisible Pink Unicorn would be a nice motif.
loonquawl, May 05 2009

       Is "Pink Unicorn" a euphemism?
hippo, May 05 2009

       This is actually very trendy right now. This is definitely baked.
waxpancake, May 31 2009

       I had no idea.
blissmiss, May 31 2009

       So you want the pain without the benefit? I'm kind of the opposite, I want a tatt but not the pain. so [-]
simonj, Jun 01 2009

       I don't see a tattoo as a benefit, or I'd get one. I want to understand the pain and get the point of getting one, so I can be empathetic with my loved one who is getting one.   

       All of life is pain. Pain is good. Suffering is bad.
blissmiss, Jun 01 2009

       Why not hire someone to spank you? It would hurt, there would be no tattoo and you could say you did it for love. Or hire a sadist tickler? You would laugh till you couldn't breath and could say you went through an experience similar to waterboarding. Again, all for love. (fishbone)
PauloSargaco, Jun 01 2009

       I think you are missing the point. The person I love would have a clearer understanding of the depth of my love. I want to feel the pain they have experienced. I want to share in the experience, but I'm not fond of tattoos. Get it? Spanking or any other painful application is temporary and has nothing what so ever to do with what I'm talking about.   

       [Paulo] I humbly ask you to remove your fishbone, and etch it instead into your very flesh. The blood will ooze out and you and I will be forever bonded together in the fluid of mankind. Or not.
blissmiss, Jun 01 2009

       I want the pain of childbirth w/o the baby. Backbraking contractions, membranes tearing, but no child to show for my love gift. Awesome.
Monty6, Jun 02 2009

       //I want to understand the pain..   

       So jab yourself with needles. It's free.
simonj, Jun 02 2009

       Ahhh... the non-romantics surface. I'm sorry if you got "jabbed" by cupids arrow and have come out bitter. Not me. I like cupid. Arrow and all.
blissmiss, Jun 02 2009

       Use flesh toned inks
Infill only. No outline.

       It will be there (just) but only for those who know here to look!
j paul, Jul 14 2011

       or just use salt water, instead of ink. once the scabs clear up, nothing will be left.
j paul, Jul 16 2011


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