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Ban all vegetables!

Yes, even broccoli
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Anything, once banned, acquires a guilty cache.

Thus, illegal vegetables would suddenly become irresistible to many, probably in inverse proportion to their current consumption.
OnionBread, May 16 2003


       Nice idea, but reverse psychology has been around for donkey's years. It's not new.   

       Also, this wouldn't work on children. I've tried it.
egbert, May 16 2003

       Hey, man - I scored us some okra, dude.
thumbwax, May 16 2003

       This is just a ploy to make your oniony self irrestible, isn't it? Fair enough.   

       I like the idea of being approached by street greengrocers on Clapham High Street - "You want carrots? Leeks? Brussels sprouts?"   

       sp: cachet.
friendlyfire, May 16 2003

       what [eggy] said.
po, May 16 2003

       //[friendlyfire] sp: cachet. //
Damn! Now I'll never be admitted to the Freepedants.
OnionBread, May 16 2003

       <<El Pedanto is too busy stir-frying squash to annotate this idea>>
El Pedanto, May 16 2003

       I thought this was a suggestion to ban all insane inert people from using the HB.

<Silverstormer goes back to to the corner, rocks back-and-forward and drools all over the floor>
silverstormer, May 16 2003


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