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Carrot Holster

A convenient way to hold carrota
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Like many people, I enjoy the occasional snack carrot while I watch T.V. or peck around my computer. However, I don't just sit down and munch all of the carrot down at once and don't want to use a plate or napkin just to hold it. I was thinking that there has to be something smaller and less wasteful. I thought of some sort of skewer with a lamp-like base that one could use to impale the carrot and then set down like a flagpole when not munching, or even a conversion of the cigar holders that golfers make (or buy) out of golf tees. I wasn't happy with those ideas, becasue a table to set the holder on may not always be available, so a plastic, washable holster might be nice. It could have both a belt attachment and a neck strap to accomodate different lifestyles. I'd use the neck strap while driving, possibly.
1kester, Oct 18 2001


       This is a wonderful idea. You could take it further and have an entire vegetable utility belt.
stupop, Oct 18 2001

       <pedant> The plural of carrot is carrots, not carrota. The singular should be written 'a carrot'. </pedant>
stupop, Oct 18 2001

       "Are you packing cukes, or just happy to see me?"
phoenix, Oct 18 2001

       How is a plastic washable holster less wasteful than a plate? The only reason this doesn't get a fishbone is for that scene in Rushmore where Olivia Williams is eating raw carrot and Bill Murray comes to the door and she offers him a piece and he eats it in that inimitable Bill-Murray-eating-a-small-piece-of-carrot style. But she had A PLATE.
pottedstu, Oct 18 2001

       Stupop, I guess one could point out my faulty usage in another way. Using the wrong article implies a reference, no? Just what carrot am I talking about? Why impale just one carrot?   

       Pottedstu, I wanted something quickly rinsable, as people have tendencies to want to wash plates and scour pans.   

       And the holster would be fun.
1kester, Oct 18 2001

       [1kester] Ah, so it's "a convenient way to hold carrota" as opposed to carrotb or carrotc, which are already convenient to hold.
stupop, Oct 18 2001

       As someone who generally walks around with four or five carrots in her back pocket....I must say that a carrot holster would be a smashing success around here! (and it might lead to some interesting showdowns at the corral, OK?)
Susen, Oct 18 2001

       A carrot bandolier would be great for that bandito flavor.
PotatoStew, Oct 18 2001

       Why not wear a hat with a wide selection of sustenance attached with pegs on strings. You wouldn't have to only wear it whilst computing but it could keep you going all day with the correct items attached.
vimto, Oct 18 2001

       vimto: excellent idea. I was thinking of a handle you could screw into the vegetable of your choice, but you'd still have to do something with that while you weren't eating. Hanging food from your hat is convenient, hygienic, and allows for fun party games.
pottedstu, Oct 18 2001

       [stupop] Ahhh, the map does not match the territory.
1kester, Oct 19 2001

       Would it hold a Camberwell Carrot, though?
Guy Fox, Oct 19 2001


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