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Barely legal

A couple of placards
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Walking around in public naked, usually leads to arrest. In some places, walking around in public considerably more than naked, also leads to arrest. This problem can be circumvented by wearing small rectangular boards, either removably glued into place or hung about the body with transparent cords, over one's private areas. They could either be black, have the word "CENSORED" printed on them or carry pixelated photographs of the areas underneath. Maybe they could even carry easily recognised photographs of the underlying areas, but that's probably illegal.
This could also be done as a protest, with political slogans printed on the boards.
nineteenthly, Jan 09 2006

(???) Illegal Erection FAQ http://members.aol....4/erection.faq.html
What you can get away with [nineteenthly, Jan 10 2006]

Nudist Cosy Nudist_20Cosy
Naked, yet not [squeak, Jan 10 2006]

(?) Free speech http://www.baltimor...ack=mostemailedlink
[Shz, Jan 11 2006]

What you can get away with,... Boards or Stickers,.. http://piktures.dk/
a Danish humour sticker site, showing it's Grafitti like inpact. [sirau, Jun 03 2011]

Mr Bean http://1.bp.blogspo...4d4LxCk/s1600/1.jpg
Prior art [spidermother, Jun 04 2011]

Mr Bean http://www.dvdtalk....90/1222111911_1.jpg
Posterior art [spidermother, Jun 04 2011]

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       This problem can be circumvented by wearing clothes. Or going to an area that allows public nudity.   

       If you're going to flout the law, let it all hang out, I say. This sounds much more like a performance art piece than actual underwear.
DrCurry, Jan 09 2006

       Reminds me of that Japanese trend of wearing skirts with pics of privates on them.
RayfordSteele, Jan 09 2006

       In the US, anything with words on it or that makes noise (including car alarms) is considered "free speech", and supersedes laws forbidding public nudity. Or at least gets you on a TV talk show.   

       So there shouldn't be much trouble here - just tattoo a word or two on your privates and you can display them as much as you want.
phundug, Jan 10 2006

       I prefer fig leaves.
MikeOxbig, Jan 10 2006

       //anything with words on it or that makes noise (including car alarms) is considered "free speech"//   

       So hang a car alarm from an appropriate place and go butt naked.
Ling, Jan 10 2006

       Buck naked?
bristolz, Jan 10 2006

       I prefer croissant patterened knickers.
blissmiss, Jan 10 2006

       //Buck naked?//   

       According to one account (American Heritage Dictionary), Butt was the original term. They believe that Bare Assed has the same root.
Ling, Jan 10 2006

       [Phundug], i thought that in some US states the public nudity laws were much stricter than they are here in Britain. I've linked to the "illegal erection FAQ".
nineteenthly, Jan 10 2006

       Which is located at 'members.aol.com'. Heh.
st3f, Jan 10 2006

       I like the phrase "discernably turgid" (from [nineteenthly]'s link), as in "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you discernably turgid?"
hippo, Jan 10 2006

       I love the idea of wearing a pixellated photo of your genitals over your genitals, that's hilarious. Have a bun - no, don't put it there, that's not hygienic.
wagster, Jan 10 2006

       In that context, I think a bagel would be more appropriate.
DrCurry, Jan 10 2006

       Hoop la.
nineteenthly, Jan 10 2006

       I think everyone should just keep their clothes on. Mostly because I have noted that the people that are most eager to go about naked are usually people that you REALLY don't want to see naked. I've seen people running around naked that should probably even be fully dressed in the shower.
DVineMissEva, Jan 10 2006

       Well, it's a beautiful sunny day here in San Diego, I took the day off from work, and as is appropriate, I'm running around [half] naked.
normzone, Jan 10 2006

       Gee, if only that did something for me...
half, Jan 10 2006

       Yeah, I wasn't sure how you'd feel about that. Go ahead, take your shirt off while it's still warm. Real winter comes too soon.
normzone, Jan 10 2006

       Thankfully (well, in most cases anyway), I've not had such an offer from any of the halfbakers I've actually met.   

       Just so you can be sure in the future: any halfbaker that I'd want running naked around me would be of a considerably different gender than you.   

half, Jan 10 2006

       Added a Link !!.   

       'PIK' is the Danish naugthy/slang/pornography texts word for 'd.ck'/'c.ck'.
sirau, Jun 03 2011


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