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Regular golf, except with basketballs and hoops instead of clubs, golfballs and holes
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Basketball has become a joke, oversized beanpoles simply taking turns to take a couple of steps from one end of the court to the other and pop the ball down into the hoop.

Let's restore some actual skill into the game by playing it on golf courses. To keep the greens from getting chewed up, we'll leave out the dribbling and blocking. Starting at the tee, each player will take turns to throw the ball as far as possible towards, and eventually into, the hoop, which will be at the hole. In fact, we might as well use regular golf rules and scoring.

At least it would give those of us who aren't 8'4" a fighting chance. (As well as giving the rest of us who hate golf something to do on a Sunday afternoon.)

DrCurry, Apr 29 2002



       If you're just shooting, why use a golf course?   

       How does that involve more skill?   

       Since when does basketball involve "tackling?"
magnificat, Apr 29 2002

       Good God! Basketball without tackling? What next-- will we also be forced to leave out the horses?!
jester, Apr 29 2002

       Might be easier to raise the baskets.
phoenix, Apr 29 2002

       Can we still have the horses, though?
jester, Apr 30 2002

       Mephista: I'm not promoting golf, I'm trying to get athletic young men and women of all sizes to play it (which I think is your point, except for the height bit).
DrCurry, May 04 2002

       heh, do you mind awfully if I just watch the fun from the comfort of the 19th hole?
po, May 04 2002

       Bobby Jones comes up the fairway to the 18th green as "Basketball Jones" by Cheech and Chong blares over the loudspeakers.
thumbwax, May 04 2002


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