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Awful round darling... thanks! HOUSE!!
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Traditionally, old men love golf, and old women love bingo. Instead of each griping about the other's pursuit, why not combine the two?

Rather than traditional numbers, in Bingolf players' wives tick off numbers clustered near to par for the course - maybe 70 to 100.

As each player completed their round, the bingolf caller would display a brightly coloured golfball with their score, rather like the national lottery balls.

Fishrat, Jun 04 2004


       <worst golfer ever> Let the numbers go over 110 and I will play. </wge>
Lacus Trasumenus, Jun 04 2004

       This would take an incredibly long time to play. You have to wait for a bunch of old guys to play 18 holes, then use their numbers, which would have a very strong chance of not giving anyone bingo. So you have to send them back out again and wait…   

       So (+) for giving the old timers something to do all day long.
luecke, Jun 04 2004


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