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Basketball Handicapping

So players of vastly different skill sets can play together...
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Have 5-10 hoops on each side of the court, from left to right. The first hoop is regulation size and height. The next one is a little lower and a little wider. Consecutive hoops are lower and wider, until the last hoop is twice the size and half the height. Really good players can let less agile or skilled players do the basketball equivalent of "playing from the ladies' tee"...In tournament play, and independant association could determine your skill level, and assign you a basket, based on it...
dbsousa, Jun 12 2003

wc-b'ball http://wbbc.fc2web.com/image/title.jpg
I've seen b'ball played on donkeys & in wheelchairs - they're quite good. [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

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       Good start! One more thing: the tall / advanced player's baskets should have raised pedestals under them: The shorter / weaker players can use these platforms to help block a shot, but the tall / advanced players are not allowed climb onto one.
phundug, Jun 12 2003

       Dig trenches into the basketball court (pattern to be determined). The taller half of the players have to run in the trenches and the shorter half on the walls between, jumping over the trenches as required. I wouldn't call it basketball anymore, but it sure would be fun to watch them stumble around.
kbecker, Jun 13 2003

       [UB]: !
Cedar Park, Jun 14 2003

       [UB] That would mean that people with arms like tree-trunks would be unfairly advantaged. Wrist-weights of varying mass would solve this problem.
However, those with the best hand-eye coordination would need to be given disorienting spectacles to wear.
friendlyfire, Jun 14 2003


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