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Flushable toys for the toilet
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Deposit wad end of Flushie into toilet. Drape thin string over edge of bowl, allowing excess string to pile up on floor next to business end of Flushie. Flush. A faint but distinct "AAAiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee" is heard as the Flushie jerks off the floor and swirls down the drain.

A wad of something cheap (like recycled paper mulch, egg carton stuff) attached to a thin floss-like string, when flushed, yanks up the trinket attached to the other end of the string. [see link]

The business end comes in various forms, each with a tiny motion activated sound chip and piezo speaker that screams "AAAiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee" or similar falling-over-the-edge-of-a-cliff yell as it tumbles down the drain.

oxen crossing, Aug 02 2005

A Flushy http://www.icehouse...xfords/flushies.jpg
[oxen crossing, Aug 02 2005]


       I think the pulp end will dissolve too quickly for the biz end to make it's noise. then, when the string and biz get flushed and the toilet clogs .....well in these parts, plumbers are mighty hard to get ahold of and expensive when you do.   

       I also don't see how a enough *yank* can be applied to do what you hope. toilets flush rather gently.
dentworth, Aug 03 2005

       flushing things down the toilet that you shouldn't - is fun.
benfrost, Aug 03 2005

       #1 son, when he was 2 came up to me with a concerned look. "fishies" and pointing. guess where he'd launched his bathtub toy fishies...
dentworth, Aug 03 2005

       The inspiration was a wayward piece of floss that somehow got draped over the edge of the toilet seat, one end in the water, one on the floor. Fun to watch it zip over the rim and down the drain. The pulp only needs to last 10 seconds or so, and just has to provide enough drag to pull the lightweight doingley thing along with it.
oxen crossing, Aug 07 2005

       If there was a little man on one end of the rope, you could play "rescue" -- flush the man down the toilet, then try to quick-quick-quick grab the other end of the rope and pull him back to safety.
phundug, Jan 24 2006

       Having been blamed for a toy-flushing accident (well, I can't say my sister did it accidentally) as a kid and having to participate in the resulting clog clean-up, I don't recommend you encourage young kids to flush things for fun! (I'll remain neutral)
paix120, Mar 02 2009

       Ceremonial execution for cockroaches.
colorclocks, Mar 02 2009

       //Ceremonial execution for cockroaches.// (is this still how we're quoting prior annos?)   

       awesome. it'll need a box with a door or something.   

       how's that for a timely response?
oxen crossing, Nov 25 2009


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