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biodegradable water balloons

balloons made of material that disintegrates overtime through rain, wind, and snow
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Who likes to pick up all the pieces or rubber after a huge water balloon fight? I remember days at camp where we'd have to pick up the pieces, because otherwise they'd sit in the yard for years.
strongwarrior, Nov 08 2010

Lambskin condoms http://www.condomde...catalog.cfm/nid/233
These have fallen into disfavor what with the HIV and all. Maybe they could be repurposed as strongwarrior describes here? [bungston, Nov 08 2010]

Baked http://www.amazon.c...loons/dp/B0015VM60U
[MechE, Nov 08 2010]


What about water-soluble balloons?
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 08 2010


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