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Good health, clean undies.
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Hollow soccer-sized ball with screw cap. Ball is rigid, 2-3 inch thick of rubber. Screw cap conforms to ball shape, rubber layered, has removable filter screen.

Add 2-3 pair undies, water, detergent. Give to kids to bounce/kick 30 min,. Drain, add clean water -- repeat.

Heavy like medicine ball, enough rubber to overcome water slosh.

Zuzu, Nov 02 2005

Mixing Ball Mixing_20Ball
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I suppose one could remove the tank from its carriage and toss the unit around like a medicine ball, but it illustrates the problems that need to be overcome with capacity and a tight-sealing lid. [jurist, Nov 03 2005, last modified Feb 10 2010]

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       In this suspicious world, you might possibly get into trouble for giving your undies to the neighhorhood kids to play with. But croissant.
DrCurry, Nov 02 2005

       :-) ...yes, agreed. That actually made me laugh out loud, thanks.
Zuzu, Nov 02 2005

       *knock* *knock* [opens door] "Yes?"   

       "Hello, maam. Is this your washyball?"   

       [inspects ball]   

       "Why, yes officer. I believe so."   

       "Um, it seems the neighborhood children have flung your undies up on electrical wires."   

       "Om my!" "Yes. Well, if you would like to retrieve your belongings, they are flapping in the wind over on Elm."   

       "Ok, yes. Thank you officer." [takes washyball, slinks back into house red-faced]
Zuzu, Nov 03 2005

benfrost, Nov 04 2005

       Great idea for washing socks! Never lose a pair in the regular laundry. Your soccer-playing kids could even clean their own grimy soccer socks this way.
paix120, Mar 02 2009


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