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Swimming with Mickey Mouse toy

To help kids get over a fear of water, a swimming Mickey Mouse or other popular figure toy
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Lots of kids are afraid of the water. Even those who are not terribly afraid, find it harder to get into swimming because they have some nervousness about it.

To help get kids feel comfortable with getting into the water and swimming, how about a toy of some popular figure that starts swimming when you place it in the water?

They have electric swimming fish and other toys that are water activated. Why not something designed to show kids what position to assume and what motions to make in order to swim?

This idea is from my daughter who was looking over my shoulder as I was reading the half bakery site. I said it was hard to come up with something new and she spit this right out.

James Newton, Jun 12 2006


       Swimming bun for the wee one.   

       Cute and ditto.
skinflaps, Jun 12 2006

       Congratulations Ms Newton. Croissant for you, but don't put it in the water because it doesn't show you how to swim and soggy baked goods are not really nice.
methinksnot, Jun 12 2006

       How about the Jaws shark? That should inspire progress! Dur den...I say...dur den, dur den
DocBrown, Jun 12 2006

       For added emphasis, sell it with a scary monster that just drowns. Water is your friend.
wagster, Jun 12 2006

       There really aren't alot of animals that swim like humans. Other creatures and machines use a lot of fins, tails, water jets, wheels, screws, and nuclear power.
sleeka, Jun 12 2006

       Dogs swim like humans learning to swim. Use Deputy Dawg, or just throw a cute dog in.
wagster, Jun 12 2006

skinflaps, Jun 12 2006

       /skinflaps/ did you mean "Pingu"? as in the animated character? wikipedia.org/wiki/Pingu I can't imagine what pre-paid phone cards or geothermal stuff would have to do with this?
James Newton, Jun 15 2006

       /skinflaps/ did you mean "Pingu"? as in the animated character?/   

       Yes, whoops.Typo errror.
skinflaps, Jun 15 2006

       <obligatory WIFRT> When I first read this idea's title I had a mental picture of a struggling independant amusement park owner opening a package to find a glove from his park's mascot together with a fish.   

       <implied message for those who don't understand>"Your beloved Franky the Ferret is swimming with Mickey Mouse, God rest his soul. Do ferrets have souls?"<imftwdu>   

       Of course, that doesn't mean I'm giving your idea a fishbone. I just report what I see. Since I have no kids I'm staying neutral on this.
Canuck, Jun 16 2006

       'Pickle-me Elmo.' Keep him in the water too long and he gets all wrinkly. And don't get him anywhere near a 24-pack
RayfordSteele, Jun 17 2006


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