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Batteries with power supply

I don't like battery-only devices
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Sometimes you have an item of electronics, like a radio or a handheld computer game which takes batteries and has nowhere to plug in a power supply. This idea is for a power supply for these devices.

Say this is a device which takes 4 AA batteries. You would insert the batteries marked "+" and "-" with a couple of dummy batteries between them. Thin ribbon cables would lead from the "+" and "-" batteries back to the power supply. You select "6v" on the power supply and your device is now mains-powered.
hippo, Jan 07 2005

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       Those little black AC power blocks put out a high amount of ELF radiation as they are not shielded usually.
mensmaximus, Jan 07 2005

       mens: oh. hippo: yes. [+]
david_scothern, Jan 07 2005

       You just can't trust elves.
hippo, Jan 07 2005


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