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Battery Ration

Fifty each, assorted
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Along with your birth certificate, all persons would be issue with fifty batteries. When the batteries are exhausted, then in order to purchase a new battery, the old battery needs to be turned in to the same retailer who issued the new one.

Special limited-duration licenses may be obtained with a small fee (e.g. a three year license for a set of batteries, on the condition that the batteries are returned for recycling by the end of term). Schemes available to lodge police reports for stolen devices containing batteries etc.

Fifty batteries is plenty, but few enough that you wouldn't waste them. You'd be sure not throw them out in the rubbish. You'd be certain to take them to the shop where you're about to buy new batteries.

Needless to say: 'batteries not included' will need to become the standard marking on all electronic devices.

vincevincevince, Feb 17 2009

Battery Envelope Battery_20Envelope
Partial inspiration [vincevincevince, Feb 17 2009]


Custardguts, Feb 17 2009

       I suppose this is for environmental purposes.   

       It wouldn't work, though, batteries have a limited shelf life, people would probably end up having to throw half of them away.
Spacecoyote, Feb 17 2009

       [Spacec.] - the batteries, one used, are then replaced at a standard retail outlet. Difference is that when you buy one you must return the old one, an absolute must.
vincevincevince, Feb 17 2009


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