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The Human Bat Call
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A night begin with friends gathered at a bar having a few drinks, that turn into more drinks and so on so forth. As the night progresses we enter a night club scenario where friends alike are spread amongst the crowd into separate corners talking to random and guest alike.

BeaconCall is a devise similar to that of the Bat-Call in the Comic/Cartoon/Film Batman. Here the hero is summoned to save the day. BeconCall is a devise where the symbol can be customized to a group of friends as a calling sign to re-group when and where necessary in close proximity to the beamer. It can be used as a distress call, using the distress beacon, or be switched using a slider mechanism for a call of shots or round of drinks… All in all it’s a personal calling devise between a group of friends, allies that allows non-mobile communication within a noisy environment from a small convenient lighter size devise….

Dmedia, Dec 30 2006


       I guess it would just have to be some sort of "laser"
shinobi, Dec 31 2006

       using 21st Technolagy... these "laser" beams would be small and powerfull enough to answer your questions 21quest.
Dmedia, Dec 31 2006

       The use is.
david_scothern, Jan 01 2007

       At New Orleans Jazz fest, people would put some sort of flag or thing on top of long poles so that members of their group could see from far away where everyone else in their group was. People without them could even use them as reference points to find their people - pretty cool, I think.
Zimmy, Jan 03 2007

       If everyone has a Bat-Device of the approximate size of a laserpointer anyways, why not make it a little cellular, with unique vibration codes for different opportunities, and direction-specificity, so the cellulars will shake hardest when pointing at the source of the call?   

       I dislike the idea of a visual beacon(especially as a distress signal (' Hey, ow! I'll call my friends! Ow! don't block my laser!) , but like the general idea of a system to help a gruop reassemble.
loonquawl, Feb 11 2009


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