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Bean bag mug

Yet another attempt at the spill proof cup.
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Basically a mug with a sizable "bean bag" for a base. The bag could contain metal (magnetized?) pellets (buckshot) if additional weight is desired. While the bean bag mug will allow you to set your coffee down just about anywhere with the assurance that it won't spill, no warrantees are made in regards to sudden stops or slippery surfaces.
phoenix, Jun 14 2001


       I think I've seen something like this as a cup holder.
jutta, Jun 14 2001

       While it woule be less likely to fall off the surface, it's not going to stay level very easily.
bookworm, Jun 14 2001

       The bean-bag could support a frame, and the actual mug sits inside it on gimbals. There's a trigger mechanism to lock the gimbals when you want to drink.
angel, Jun 14 2001

       A frame and gimbals was another idea I'd had. Can't believe I didn't put the two together, but what an ugly/unwieldy mug!
phoenix, Jun 14 2001

       Actually, [phoenix], I had the gimbals idea several weeks ago, but didn't post it because it seemed little better than the cocktail-sippy-cup concept. The idea came to me while watching my wife spill coffee during an expansive gesture at the breakfast table.
angel, Jun 14 2001

       i suppose i ought to research my ideas before i post them...but it seems a simple enough concept. i also suppose that if they do not have it at macy's they will gladly direct me to gimbals (whatever that is)
1MilesWest2, Oct 31 2001

       If the gimbals keep a mug from spilling when I'm making an expansive gesture, how do they allow me to tilt the mug to drink out of it?   

       If it needs a built-in straw, I might as well just have a sippy cup.   

       So, gimbals insufficient. Bean bag flops slowly to the fore.
hello_c, Oct 31 2001


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