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Induction Cup Holders

To avoid the hassle of finding a free power socket and messing around with wires.
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I've seen heated travel mugs. I'm sure most of us have. Every one I've seen plugs into a cigarette lighter. I already have a lot of accessories that demand my available plug-in space, so these cups are not an option for me. (and, in case anybody wants to point this out, I already use a 4-socket adaptor, any more and I'll overload the outlet).

So I was thinking (scary thought, I know) why not put an electromagnetic induction charger in the base of cupholders? Simply put in a compatible cup, and voila! Heated cups without the hassle of wires.

21 Quest, Nov 17 2006

Electromagnetic Induction http://en.wikipedia...omagnetic_induction
[21 Quest, Nov 17 2006]


       I would like to learn more about induction charging, but alas there is no wikipedia link in this idea. :(

       Electric heaters draw quite a bit of current. Would the induction charger be able to keep up with the power demand?

       Pastry, just because I detest wires.
ed, Nov 17 2006

       I have a Sonicare toothbrush that charges like this. I just set the toothbrush into the charging base and it charges, no connecting wires or plugs needed.
21 Quest, Nov 17 2006


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