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Form-Fitting Cup Holder

A Cupholder That Contours to The Cup
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Place a button at the bottom of the cup holder. This button would mechanically engage perhaps four levers on the side walls of the cupholder that would grasp and clamp the cup in place. When you place the cup in it and press down, the clamps will engage and lock. When you want to pick up the drink, press down on it and the clamps will disengage.

The clamps on the levers would consist of a hinge connected to a flat plastic piece covered in some high-grip material. This would allow it to contour to the shape and angle of the side of the cup.

And in case your cup is made of some weak material there would be another button to lock and disengage the clamps manually via springs.

miamigrandprix, Oct 24 2003

Inflatable cup holder http://www.halfbake...able_20cup_20holder
One finger operation. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       How could you pick up the cup if it is rendered immobile?
waugsqueke, Oct 24 2003

       It would be rendered immobile to the point where it won't fall or spill if it's jostled around, but if you pull it upwards it disengages the button which disengages the clamps
miamigrandprix, Oct 24 2003

       my friend's mom has a older caravan (new body style) and the cup holders adjust to different cup sizes with a ratching type mechanism
dickity, Oct 24 2003

       Must say that the author describes the parts *and* the sum of them quite nicely. Ratchet-types, as dickity alludes to, are 'baked - on one plane. Were this idea able to meet and greet containers on 2 levels - hi and lo - that'd be as stable as an F-car - suspension so tight, it's riding on rails, as it were.
thumbwax, Oct 25 2003

       what about me now?
dickity, Oct 25 2003

       I've driven a car where the emergency (parking) brake was both engaged and disengaged by pressing on the same pedal, I assume through some ratcheting mechanism. One press engage-- another press disengage.   

       Perhaps something like this could be worked into this cupholder design. Insert the cup, it locks into place on the sides and top, press down a bit (hard enough that it couldn't happen accidentally) and the locking mechanism springs out of the way.
swamilad, Oct 25 2003

       Pressing down is no good if you're using a styrofoam or paper cup.
gardnertoo, Oct 26 2003

       \\Pressing down is no good if you're using a styrofoam or paper cup.//   

       Thats why there's another button to lock it in without pressing down.   

       For more reliable and simple use I like [swamilad]'s of one-press engage-disengage. I'll incorporate that if you don't mind.
miamigrandprix, Oct 26 2003


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